Why to Never Argue with Internet Leftists...

By the Left Coast Rebel

....because they are the nastiest, most close-minded bunch of hatefully misguided folks to walk this planet, that's why. Earlier this week Roy Edroso, who blogs at Alicublog, linked Dean L.'s fine "Post Santorum depression" post.

I've engaged in a few flame wars with Alicublog and it was all good 'net fun; his loyal lefty readers left a series of knee-slappers here. They're the virulent Kool-Aid-drinking types one comes across on the internet that not only disagree with you but hate you, just because you are an independent thinker who disregards their Hegelian dialectic marching orders.

Roy Edroso is also the guy behind the The Village Voice's "Exploring the Right Wing Blogosphere" series (image, left above). He wrote this book that he's hawking at Amazon.com -- nice work there, buddy. And if the content of his book and the quality of his readership are any indication, the guy is... well, disturbed. But aren't most leftists, anyway?

I saw his link and left a comment. A reader jumped in and it went like this (language alert)...

Left Coast Rebel
Thanks for the link. BTW, does hoping for a brokered convention make us "wing nuts"? If anything, it makes us the opposite i.e., indpependent. 
Yesterday, 08:54:33
Is "indpependent" the word that describes wingnuts who like to pretend they're independent?
Yesterday, 09:17:04
Left Coast Rebel
Nope. For instance, I would prefer to lose than for Santorum to win; am I a wingnut, then? How about you throw out the demeaning slurs?
Yesterday, 10:09:39
Oh, I can throw out demeaning slurs all day - batshit crazy, brownshirts, teabagger (whoops, I forgot - the teabaggers named themselves that and it only became "demeaning" when someone told them what it meant).  But the fact that someone who plans to vote for whoever the Republican nominee is describes himself as "independent" is simply another indication that wingnuts don't understand the meanings of words.
Yesterday, 10:41:49
Left Coast Rebel
Dude, wow, what planet are you from? Seriously, your bigoted template doesn't fit me. If you weren't so consumed with visceral hatred you might actually have heard what I said here. Who did something terrible to you that made you hate people that dare to see things differently than you?

Keep it classy, leftists...

I have one word for all of you: DIVORCE


  1. Just wait til they start impersonating you on the message boards with racist Neo Nazi and KKK talk with links back to your site in order to slander you.

    This is what I have been dealing with for a month now!

    Beware, a committed liberal keyboard warrior might also use your email address and subscribe you to literally hundreds of pro-liberal online petitions.

    1. Yikes, I've been slandered but no one has gone to that length yet. Thanks for the head's up

  2. Finally a badge of honor - I've been labelled a wingnut by a wingnut. If this were 3 years ago it might have bothered me...wait, who am I kidding, it wouldn't have at all.

    He also managed to skip right over the part where I mentioned that I wasn't a Santorum supporter. He kinda (sorry, 'kind of' - trying to be more eloquent) missed the point of my lamentation entirely.

    That's what happens when you don't really read.

  3. This is why statist libs have so much trouble in the marketplace of ideas outside of the intellectual ghettos in which they dominate. They think they have a lot of mental firepower, but in reality, they're quite pathetic.

  4. Well, they attacked my home with fecal matter a couple times. http://blog.doodooecon.com/2011/05/doo-doo-flung-at-tea-party-member.html

    I learned that progressives are cowards with bad aim. While we Americans dismiss them because they are so weak. If they had courage, I would be dead. Even the NBP put out a "dead or alive" bounty and then appologized. MEOW New Black Kittens.

  5. It's annoying and insulting, I know, but remember, it is the lurkers who you should write for. If they see enough of the person making the reasonable argument peppered with personal insults--often by someone who obviously didn't read the original post--they might question who actually knows what they are talking about.


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