Voter Fraud? 20 -ish White asks for and receives 60-ish Black, Eric Holder's Ballot

By Proof

But, no, we don't need voter ID to vote! O'Keefe's latest, from Breitbart TV. (A little of the "name recognition" problem republican Mother alluded to below.)

Note: He didn't violate the law. He didn't sign Holder's name, but he could have. He didn't say "I'm Eric Holder", he asked, "Do you have an Eric Holder, of such and such an address."

Had it been a fraudulently registered, ACORN style, lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, all he would have needed to know was the fake name and the address associated with the fraudulent registration.

Eric Holder of the oxymoronic Obama Justice Department, notwithstanding, we need to verify that those people who choose our leaders, which will have incredible influence over our lives and liberty, are who they say they are, in order for democracy to flourish and stand.

H/T Daily Caller
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  1. Proof,

    I saw this this morning on Breitbart. Freaking CLASSIC piece of video!

    I wonder if this means I can register to vote as Barack Obama? Or maybe Janet Napolitano? (She's easily confused as being a guy, anyways)

    This is a delicious development and one that I am anxious to see Mr. Holder try to squirm his way out of facing.

    Of course, the liberals will spin it in some fashion, trying to bring up O'Keefe's past and his eery ability to SHUT THEM DOWN as nothing more than right-wing incivility.

    1. Yeah. I'd be willing to bet that the oxymoronic Obama Justice Department will be more interested in prosecuting O'Keefe for not breaking the law than to eliminate the possibility of people actually breaking it.

      I saw an article last night, I think it was, on a number of Texas counties with more registered voters than eligible voters. Hmm. Wonder how that's going to work out?

    2. The Texas counties voter fraud sounds like an appropriate blog post. Ummm. Wait. Oh, I get it...those extra voters are illegals, right?

      Nah, that would never happen.

    3. I'm tempted to get a map and chart what percentage of them are within a certain distance from our southernmost border.


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