Rumors of the Tea Party's Death Highly Exaggerated

TEA! Temecula

By the Left Coast Rebel

According to Politico, Republican party power-mongers seems to think that the Tea Party is dead.

I think the death of the Tea Party is highly exaggerated.

Many are tired and dispirited. Most Tea Partiers have simply moved into underground Sons of Liberty liberty watch-guards. Instead of orchestrating historic national protests, they are in one way or another changing the nation from within the political system.

One can argue that the system is so beyond hope and repair that it cannot even be saved at this point.

But, like it or not, that's the now-somewhat underground position the Tea Party has naturally transitioned into...

From Politico....

GOP elders sympathize with the movement’s ideas and want to channel whatever energy the decentralized groups offer for November. But when asked about the tea-party’s influence in interviews here, the movement was always spoken of in the third person and as one constituency in the larger Republican coalition, sort of like defense hawks or fiscal conservatives.

Many Republicans here said that tea-party activists now understand that things will run more smoothly if those with experience are in charge rather than those who put a premium on ideology over process.

“The important thing for any group in the party to understand…is that you need experience to govern,” said New Hampshire Republican Chairman Wayne MacDonald. “Everybody has to start somewhere. It’s just important they learn the mechanics of how the party operates…It doesn’t mean new ideas aren’t welcome.”
The tea party movement’s influence has waned everywhere since its apex in 2010. Most visibly, the Republican Party is poised to nominate the most pragmatic of the men who ran for president this cycle even though many tea-party groups vocally opposed him during the primary. Indeed, Mitt Romney received a coronation of sorts at a unity lunch here Friday, soaking up standing ovations and basking in blessings from 2008 rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

In fact, libertarian supporters of Ron Paul made more successful inroads into the party organization in 2012. A.J. Spiker, the vice chairman of Ron Paul’s Iowa campaign, became state party chairman in February. James Smack, a vocal 2008 Paul supporter Nevada, got elevated from vice chair to acting state chair in February after Amy Tarkanian resigned to help her husband run for Congress. Now he’s challenging former Nevada Gov. Bob List for Nevada’s committeeman slot at next month’s state convention.

Morton Blackwell, the longtime national committeeman representing Virginia, believes it’s only a matter of time before tea-party activists end up in the highest echelons of the party. But when they do, he doesn’t think they’ll be thought of as tea partiers.

Exit question: If the Tea Party is dead -- as many power-broking GOP honchos insist -- then why, as of yesterday, is progressive-statist three-decade-serving Utah Senator Orrin Hatch fighting for his political life? Hmm?

Updated: Christopher Manion at LRC sees the GOP gloating over what they perceive as an ongoing victory in stymieing the Tea Party:

... because it (the GOP) has screwed the Tea Party and the Ron Paul brigades. Their gaudy hubris will, of course, drive millions away from their chosen loser Romney. But hubris is incurable, say the classicists.

These fops would much rather strut on the stage in a ruined country than to be relegated to the cheap seats in a land celebrating freedom, peace, and prosperity. Well, as the Good Book says, they have their reward.
Updated x2: The Tea Party is dead! Or is it?

Former Commmunist sympathizer David "comb-over" Axelrod's ridiculous statement today on the Tea Party's congressional "reign of terror." That's some pretty violent imagery from the White House Occupier's chief campaign adviser, no?


  1. I agree with Christopher Manion.

    The GOP took a movement started by Ron Paul (Boston 12/16/07) used it and are now looking to discard it.

    Besides many of the self-proclaimed Tea Partiers were no such thing. They were all for cutting government spending except when it affected programs that they used.

    The true limited-government advocates were only a small minority of the overall Tea Party movement.

    1. Chris: I agree with you to a degree. On the other hand I think that the true fiscal conservative warriors are working behind the scenes.

    2. Tim, I'm not so confident. I believe Chris is very likely correct.

    3. I know, trust me, I don't trust the GOP at all. I just know (anecdotally perhaps) that many tea party limited government believers are behind the scenes now. My San Diego tea party group is an example of this. I have never met a better group of people more aligned with a central belief: that the size, scope and intrusiveness of government is the end of America as we know it.

      I think I am in-between you and Chris on this one.

    4. Ok Reb, that was a visual that none of us needed.

    5. Sorry - in-between you and Les, on this issue, so to speak lol :)

  2. If all the Tea Party people back Romney and work to get rid of Obama, Obama is toast. So he's going to use every media operation under progressive control to try to turn tea party people into his pawns by convincing him that the so-called 'GOP elite' (the usual sort of evil faceless non-person that liberals target as a straw man) are somehow against the tea party. Some tea party people will inevitably fall for the ploy, turn against Romney, and work their hardest to elect the exact opposite of everything they believe. It's a good ploy.

    1. ACT

      The problem is is that Romney is Obamalite (oops I did it again) and represents nothing that the Tea Party stands for; limited government and individual liberty.

      The GOP elite had already settled on Mitt "next in line" Romney well before the primaries and did everything they could to marginalize the two candidates that best represented TP ideals.

      At least Gary Johnson had the opportunity to bolt to the Libertarian Party, an option that Ron Paul doesn't have because it would hurt his son Rand within the party for a potential 2016 run.

      If the TP people are serious about their beliefs they will back Gary Johnson instead and conservatives should too. Even Reagan biographer Craig Shirley is on record as saying about the conservative/Romney relationship, "conservatives will seriously consider walking away and looking at the candidacy of Gary Johnson."

    2. Obamalite? I demand a retraction or you are off my blogroll immediately!!!!

    3. That's so 2 weeks ago, besides TLP ain't there anyway :P

  3. Sorry, saw an opening and had to take it!

    1. Obama Light and Romney are synonymous if ever there was (is) anything that is or was.

      Opps, did it again. ;)

  4. Yeah, the Tea Party is dead, but the Tea Party is destroying the GOP (and the entire country) with its radical extremism. It works both ways like that.

    1. More on that note:

    2. That was an interesting story. Maybe hope is not lost after all.

  5. after the 08 election, the narrative was that the republican party was dead.

    then the 2010 elections came along.

    now in 2012 both the establishment and the R's think the tea party is done.

    i say let them keep thinking we're done.

  6. From BBCW:

  7. Orrin Hatch will be disappointed by your assessment LCR.


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