Too Much Copyright?

By the Left Coast Rebel

From Reason:

"This disconnect between the public's view of copyright and fair use and what should and should not be prosecuted, versus the 'copyright maximist' view of the law, is our generation's Prohibition," says Ben Huh, CEO and founder of Cheezburger and a loud voice in the recent backlash to SOPA and PIPA, two congressional bills aimed at curbing internet piracy.

Copyright exists to “promote the useful arts” according to the Constitution. But is it still doing that? And should the government protect so-called “intellectual property” in the same way it protects other forms of property? posed these questions to Ben Huh, as well as a professor and a movie studio representative. 

Tom Bell, a law professor specializing in property law, has serious reservations about attempts by groups like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to equate property and copyright through ad campaigns admonishing viewers with messages like, "You wouldn't steal a car. Downloading pirated movies is stealing."

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  1. Hollywood has done so much to promote Marxism and to attack capitalism and traditional moral values... they have zero credibility on the issues of intellectual property, copyright and related issues.

  2. Entertainment is the most profitable of unproductive industry.

  3. It's possible that some things have gone overboard, but copyright laws have a place. I sure wouldn't like to see my writing plagiarized or used on someone else's site without my permission. Particularly a "For Profit" site. The fair use rules seem adequate to me, but I'm not really well versed on the subject.


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