Quote of the Day: Allen West on Obama, "The fella doth protest too much in desperation"

Deerfield Beach Townhall 
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By the Left Coast Rebel

Rep. and Colonel Allen West's Facebook page:

President Obama’s recent rhetorical rants over the past two days are not indicative of a confident incumbent President. His actions and words more so resemble the flailing of a drowning person caught in a rip current at night with no one around for a rescue. The fella doth protest too much in desperation.

Beyond the Alinsky-inspired cluenessness, breach of basic presidential decorum (as in the last 30-40 years or more) and attack on American principles checks and balances and republican (small 'r') government, West's Facebook comment on Obama is absolutely spot-on.

Obama's behavior, above all, is incredibly desperate.

Seeing this, I'd bust out the popcorn if I weren't so damned concerned for the future of our republic and the damage this hideous imposter is doing on a daily (though accelerated as of late) basis.


  1. Does anyone get the impression that Mr. West is undisciplined, and couldn't clear a room with his bare hands if he needed to?

    Yeah. Me neither.

  2. Romney/West is looking better all the time. Here is a guy that isn't afraid to tell it like it is and chooses his targets wisely.

  3. West would be an excellent choice, but Romney would probably be overly intimidated.


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