(PHOTOS) Internet Comedy Gold as Obama Eats Dog (Obama Dog PHOTOS)

By the Left Coast Rebel

Things have been heavy around here. Good, but perhaps on the heavy side of things sans enough comic relief to keep us all sane.

On this point, Right Klik's Obama/Clinton Columbian prostitute graphic had me belly-laughing and pondering how to perhaps lighten things up a tad, at least once in a while.

Coincidentally, as I volleyed this revelation, I ventured over to the LCR Facebook page this evening (haven't checked in in a while); I about broke a rib laughing over the plethora of Obama dog-cuisine stories I stumbled upon. I then hit the Facebook "Home" tab, scrolled down...down...down... and feasted myself on hilarious, doggone tasty photoshops at Dear Leader Obama's much-deserved bow-wow expense...

I can laugh. You can too; we've all earned it in the last few years. We've about lost our minds with what has happened to this seemingly once-great nation turned Obamanation Banana Republic of America. Obama has screwed (and eaten) the pooch, so to speak, as he's forced socialism upon our nation these last 3+ years -- I'd say the momentary doggy comic relief is much deserved.

I wonder what Indonesian dog tastes like? Chicken?...

Hat-tip Lori Penner

Hat-tip John Gilbert.

That better not be a Wiener Dog! Hat-tip Mom

Hat-tip John Gilbert

Twitter. LOL.

Hat-tip Terrence Aym

Hat-tip Terrence Aym

Hat-tip Terrence Aym

Over at Facebook, Danny Butcher saw me lingering and squeezed in a joke.

"Did you know there's a new Obama cookbook coming out?"

"Nope," I replied.

"Yah, it's called 101 Ways to Wok Your Dog."


Updated: Just Mary at BeJohnGalt has more Obama dog-eating goodness.

Updated x2: Viral confirmed. James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal: "Bam Bites Dog."

Updated x3 (by RK):


  1. Some of my favorites:

  2. This is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. Like STD's but without the dripping, itching, scabbing, and foul odor.

  3. These are hilarious. Linked to you on my site. Hope you don't mind.

  4. I don't Always Eat Dogs, But When I do....http://talonspoint.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2679&action=edit


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