Obama's Face Dribbles At White House

By Proof

Jake Tapper has yet another story of the Narcissist-in-Chief putting his face and likeness now on a basketball, given away at the White House.
Using a special basketball festooned with his own image, President Obama shot some hoop today with former NBA players, Harlem Globetrotters and kids attending the White House Easter Egg Hunt. ...In his first three shots he went 0 for 3. He missed seven shots before sinking his first.
Ah! That's what he gets for wasting so much of his time out on the golf course! But, given Obama and his supporter's penchant for putting his face on everything from the American flag to Chia pets, I wonder if they missed the obvious metaphor of someone repeatedly pushing Obama's face into the pavement, sidewalk or court when the ball is used as intended?
Gotta get me one of those! Heh. (Note to the Secret Service: As a collector's item!)
H/T The Lonely Conservative Cross posted at Proof Positive


  1. But Proof, the evil right-wingers have told us that all black people are expert basketball players. I learned about that on MSNBC.

    You mean they lied?

    I guess it's President Obama's 'white half' that missed all those shots.

  2. If he ever decides to put his face on toilet paper, I would buy 1K dollar's worth. Just sayin'.

    1. Please don't squeeze The Chairman!

    2. It puts "Hail to the Chief" in a whole new light.


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