Keith Olbermann, Homeless?

By the Left Coast Rebel 

Keith Olbermann: Homelesss. C/O NYPost

Is Keith Olbermann out of work and practically homeless?

Forgive me if I don't shed a tear at the thought of this effete and effeminate, pretentious and entitled windbag suffering the same effects of Obamanomics that most of us have confronted these last three Obamanation years: long term career/financial uncertainty and in one way or another, short/medium/long term unemployment, underemployment, or decrease in income.

Schadenfreude, Keith. Welcome to the plight of what you and your progressive overlords blithely, ignorantly and snidely call "middle America":

Unemployed, perennially confrontational talking head Keith Olbermann aimlessly wandered around Central Park South earlier this week, seemingly looking for a friend or a purpose.

Our spies snapped unflattering pictures of Olbermann decked out in a giant red pullover and clownishly baggy jeans as he strolled 59th Street near Seventh Avenue, smelling the roses — or, in this case, the horse manure, allergens and aromas from a nearby food cart. (Read The Rest)
I assume that Keith Olbermann has millions tucked away so I'm sure he's just fine. I guess we can consider his Central Park Chubby Homeless Guy gig a little karmic cognitive dissonance action. Then again, progressives aren't good with money until they have billions trillions to spread around, so you never know.

"How can I be suffering such hard times, scorn, and loneliness when I have worked so tirelessly to deliver the Collectivist People's Message of Hope," ponders Olbermann, as he meaninglessly meanders about Central Park, donning a crumpled-crinkly red sweater and crust-stained (with God-knows-what) baggy, 46"-waist blue jeans.

I'll be honest, Keith.  Your tireless yet worn-out schtick stinks on ice.

Your progressive political theater 20 seconds of fame is up.

The pied piper's pippin'; collectivism is not good for business in entertainment or in the American body politic; there are only so many libtard Kool-Aid drinkers to pay your bills in libtardopia Amerika; and, not so sadly, they just aren't ponying up anymore.


  1. He was probably just roaming aimlessly because it's 4/20.

    1. Perpetual munchies do fit in with baggy jeans, ill-fitting sweaters and such ;). Good theory.

  2. What this country needs is a good depression and that might turn these people around. Or as far as they are concerned it might result in some good new folk songs. So that the liberals would have something to protest about

  3. We can no longer say Olby is just an empty suit. I'm sure there are plenty of baggy pants jokes to come but I can't think of any right now because I'm too busy trying to get that picture out of my head.


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