GOP hates Conservatives: Example #104,628

By RightKlik

The Republican "Young Guns" of the U.S. House of Representatives are spending beaucoup bucks to help an octogenarian Senate RINO fight a losing battle against a conservative challenger:
"Young Guns ... was designed to help leaders like Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy chart a new course for the center-right movement and the House majority,” Young Guns Action Fund super PAC founder John Murray has said. It's not clear how this donation to Lugar furthers that cause. And it's not clear why Young Guns is meddling in a GOP Senate primary. Indeed, Mike Pence, another young gun-type House member who's now running for Indiana governor, has conspicuously failed to endorse Lugar for reelection.

More important: $100,000 could go a long way to supporting a Republican against a Democrat this year in a competitive House race. Is helping a six-term Senate incumbent who's not so conservative try to beat back a conservative primary challenge by someone who would hold the Senate seat for the GOP really the best use of that money?
This would be hard to understand if you didn't know that Republicans hate conservatives.


  1. People wonder why I'm so fatalistic that the republic is doomed because we only really have 2 parties, communist in the form of the Democrats, and socialists, in the form of the Republicans. There is no conservative party nor really, an American or what I would call, constitutionalists party any more. We either go far left or just plain left now.

  2. Considering the Patriot Act and the ever increasing regulatory control over businesses and private individuals I would say we are on our way to fascism without the totalitarian aspect... yet. Yes, fascism is a form of socialism, I'm just narrowing it down to what I see is the economic system we are allowing ourselves to adopt.


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