Don't Bite The Constitution That Feeds You

The Constitution is a companion of the Declaration of Independence and should be construed as an implementation of the Declaration’s premises, which include: Government exists not to confer rights but to “secure” preexisting rights; the fundamental rights concern the liberty of individuals, not the prerogatives of the collectivity — least of all when it acts to the detriment of individual liberty...

Wilkinson worries about judges causing “an ever-increasing displacement of democracy.” Also worrisome, however, is the displacement of liberty by democracy in the form of majorities indifferent or hostile to what the Declaration decrees — a spacious sphere of individual sovereignty.
While our statist tormentors in Washington seem to think that it's to their advantage to ignore our founding documents, these power gluttons have apparently lost sight of the fact that the U.S. Constitution is the very reservoir from which they draw their borrowed power.

Thus, a Supreme Court justice (or a congressman or a president) who undermines the U.S. Constitution undermines the source of his own authority.

Isn't that ironic?


  1. i liked the part where Will stated that the "living" constitutional theory leads to judicial activism.

    cause he's right.

  2. Authority always grabs for more power over the perceived weak and the powerless.

    The great example is gun laws.

    The first gun law was to prevent slaves and blacks (not all slaves were black) from owning guns. Today in California you cannot carry a gun openly and you cannot get a permit for a concealed carry without passing an arbitrary local hurdle that allows law enforcement to be the only armed citizenry. Despite the fact that our individual rights are loaned to the state, so thus how can the state have more rights than the citizens who grant those rights?

    Simply, those who have guns in California decide that no one else can have guns. We may as well be in the Democrat KKK controlled south where blacks could not have guns.

    Tyrants, racists, sexists and other progressives hate the constitution and individual rights... (@DooDooEcon)

  3. It is incredibly sadly ironic. Spot-on post.

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  5. Those who seek to subjugate the preexisting rights of the individual to the desires of the collective do so for one simple purpose. To expand and enhance the power and control of the state. A construct that has no rights other than those bestowed upon it by the people.

    A nation asleep at the wheel invites all manners of nefarious activities by the mischievous who remain awake.


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