When Was the Last Time You Heard of a Tea-Partier Doin' Something Like This?

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Hmm; when was it?

So many levels of wrong (not only in what Occupoopers are capable of, but even worse; what the media that loves the Occupoopers is capable of, as this will receive absolutely, positvely no air time -- pun intended.)

 Just sayin'....

Updated: A shredded-toilet-paper Memeorandum thread is now up.

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  1. Hmm.

    I wonder how famous I could get, (or infamous), if I made a video of myself crapping onto either a photo of President Obama or the logo for The Democrat Party. Or both.

    Oh, wait, how about crapping on a strewn pile of photos of all the Democrats in Congress, a photocopy of The Stimulus, Eric Holder's photo with some Fast and Furious articles, Pelosi and her band of joy-boys as they strutted arrogantly to Congress to put ObamaCare into motion...etc, etc.

    Would it go viral?

    Anyhoos, these Occupoopers are animals. Plain and simple. No civilized human being behaves like that. Rapes, thefts, drugs, dumping poo and piss in a bank's ATM enclosure, fighting the police with bottles and trash...the list grows.


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