(VIDEO) San Diego Realtor Jim Klinge Visits with Reason.tv

By the Left Coast Rebel

Courtesy of Reason.tv (and hat-tip WC Varones), meet Jim Klinge:

I met Jim Klinge a while back. Jim's a savvy, honest and straight-talking kind of guy, a rare commodity (to say the least) in the real estate sales field where... well, to put it nicely, sharks, hacks, "investment" quacks and those that would sell out their own granny for a couple bucks abound...
Back when I was in the market for a property here in San Diego (2007-2008 before things blew up!) I considered soliciting his resources and team. I met him at a listing in Carlsbad, CA at that time as well. I loved his site, as the Reason video shows, his short sale/foreclosure vid-cam tours are eye-opening and a real hoot. I always figured he was at least an economic libertarian as well due to the fact that he railed against bailouts, the Dirty Fed and mentioned Ayn Rand once in a while.

Best of success to you, Jim. Do you have an affiliate on the East Coast?

Visit Jim Klinge's website here.

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