(VIDEO) Adam Carolla on Bill O'Reilly on California

 By the Left Coast Rebel

A reader tipped me on this video; it's simply too spot-on to not post.

"Everyone in California is either from New York or Tijuana... it's really the most progressive, wort of self-aggrandizing folks or the poorest folks coming in from different directions..."

I had no idea that laugher Adam Carolla was a member of the Common Sense Club. I commend him for having the gravitas and nerve to come out of the closet here on the left coast.

I often tell friends and family that don't reside in the Once Golden State that California is nothing more than criminally mismanaged...
But in all honesty (and as Carolla notes) ignorant, hopelessly liberal "laid back" and entitled Californians (one and the same), and the socialist fools they send to Sac-town every election season are entirely responsible for the state of the Once Golden State.

In a sensible nation California should and would be the canary in the coal mine for what the Progressive Agenda is all about. Quasi-religious leftism has worked its charm on this place that once (even in my fairly recent memory) was a shining beacon of middle-class upward mobility and abundance and replaced it with a culture catering to millions of poor people (mostly illegal aliens) who are actually paid by the state to procreate and stay poor.

Amazingly, the idiots that live here (excepting the Good Peeps that are nevertheless outnumbered 10-to-1 here) are cheering on the cliff march we find ourselves in, in lemming-like fashion.

The national reaction to California's seemingly inevitable Greece-like default should be tough love (as in we're not bailing you out and you have to learn from your mistakes).

We'll see.

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