Ted Cruz for Senate?

Ted Cruz
Gage Skidmore
By the Left Coast Rebel

I'm done complaining about the longstanding Republican Party three-ring-circus Presidential primary race. For all I care, Mitt "ultra-liberal" Romney and Rick "Sanctimonious-RINO" Santorum can duke it out to the bitter end.

I would still love to see a brokered convention but am aware that the phrase Jeb Bush 2012 should give me extreme pause on the brokered option.

I plan on supporting more than complaining going forward. As I have no horse in the presidential race, I'm going to instead switch gears and spotlight liberty candidates for 2012. You'll see changes here in the coming months.

On this note, I just saw that the Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed Ted Cruz for the 2012 Texas senate seat race. I've heard his name a few times but know nothing about him.

Writes the RLC:
The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of Ted Cruz in the Republican Senate Primary in Texas. In a large field with many appealing candidates, Cruz stands out as the candidate with the clearest record of defending liberty, the most forceful positions on key issues and the most effective leader to claim the seat on behalf of grassroots Republicans. He represents the principles of limited government and individual liberty to which the Republican Liberty Caucus is dedicated.
Being that the RLC mirrors my belief system, I take notice when they endorse a candidate.

But who is Ted Cruz?

First, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (RINO-Texas) is retiring which opens up the primary for a true conservative with a proven fiscal conservative track record.

Is Ted Cruz just that candidate?

From the Cruz campaign website:

FYI: The Texas primary is May 29. If you like what you see, donate to the candidate either through the Senate Conservatives Fund or directly at his campaign site.

Updated: Writes An American Housewife:

Just like the analysis on the GOP from earlier today, Cruz believes that the problem for classical conservatives is one of leadership.  We are tired of talking about change.  We are ready to act but have precious few operatives in place.

That's what the Tea Party has been about, getting classical conservatives in office.  Because of the current GOP presidential primary debacle, people think that the Tea Party is in the midst of an overly dramatic death.  Based upon the Ted Cruz campaign alone, I can attest that reports of the Tea Party demise are greatly exaggerated.

We did well in 2010.  In 2011 that we managed to get a presidential candidate.  We did not, however, manage to scale the walls of the consultant class.  They, blind to the gift of the Tea Party and deaf to the impending doom of the modern socialist state beyond our borders, advised Perry that he had to play to compromises and social issues to win the nomination.  They were wrong.  If Perry had managed to communicate action the way Cruz did this morning, he would have locked up the nomination months ago.  That did not happen, and the opportunity for the White House is lost.

But just because the Tea Party has not carried the day at the presidential level, does not mean that it is finished.  The Ted Cruz/ David Dewhurst race is starting to look like a repeat of Florida's Christ/Rubio race from 2010, and we know how that one ended. 

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  1. Boilerplate... Conservatism, if it means what we see today run the other way as FAST as you can.

    Note, GWB, Frothy Santorum, Newtie Gingrich, Mittens Romney, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and the host of other establishment power brokers that make up the big "R" statist republican clueless party...

    Third party candidates with principle are by far superior than the same ole same ole BS.

    Sorry for the negativity but the republican party has earned it. HANDS DOWN...

    1. The RLC endorsement is a first good step, DeMint's outfit is mostly good too. My post was in no way an endorsement though.

      If Cruz is another Rand Paul or Mike Lee, sign me up!

  2. Welcome to the no-dogs-in-this-fight party. I got there a while back, and headed straight to Ted Cruz too. ( 'Course, I'm in Texas so it made sense I'd stop there first.) He is another Paul or Lee or DeMint. I had to know too, so I researched and went to meet him. Wrote about it here: http://americanhousewifeinlondon.blogspot.com/2012/01/sen-jim-demint-needs-backup.html
    Latest numbers suggest he is headed for a runoff with Dewhurst--a great outcome for Cruz.
    He has an organized web campaign for bloggers, remote volunteer options (campaign calls), as well as fundraising at his site. His team makes it easy to help out.

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