Politics and Generation Gap

by The republican Mother

As someone born in the tail end of Gen X, I can't help but notice a few things as we talk current events. For one thing, my level of cynicism is much, much higher than those boomers who follow politics. Why is this? Well, besides having a pathological liar in my family, it would probably have to do with the common Millennial experience. Allow me to illustrate:

Having endured public schooling after 100 years of government intervention, I can't tell you how much I hate  it when someone says "we need to have a program..". At the point at which I graduated, 1998, I sat in block scheduled classes, 90 minutes long, where we did absolutely nothing after the first 30 minutes. My Civics/Econ class consisted of talking about economics and such for about six weeks. I think my teacher was trying to reach us about the whole NWO, showing us the movie Rollerball, but I just interpreted that as liberal indoctrination attempts, and yelled out my standard conservative talking points as a counter. We then watched a lot of VH1 pop-up videos, High School High (Anything with Jon Lovitz is funny right?), and then we had Spades tournaments. I was on the "Rush to Excellence" team, in honor of my Rush fandom. Pretty funny, huh? The guy had tenure and admitted he was just paid to babysit 17 year olds.  Now, I did have AP Calc and AP English, and passed both tests, but I had run out of things to do at school, even with early dismissal. I saw it as one big waste, which is why when I see "conservatives" talk about reforming the education system, I just do a facepalm. Especially after reading Gatto and Iserbyt, and finding that the system is rigged to stymie young people at their prime, deliberately keeping them from the workforce until the Elite are good and done with them.

When we had pep rallies, no one cheered. The administration gets called out to scold us for not cheering. Who gives a crap, the whole student body seemed to be saying in unison. When I started ninth grade at this school, we had a new principal who turned the school into a prison and a sports-centered operation. Before, seniors could walk across the street to go to lunch at Hardees' or the Panther Den, but no more. Before, you could go to the library during lunch a play a game of chess, or check out a book, but no more. Before, the band actually got funded. Now, all students had to be under constant surveillance. Once, when I went to make up a test, a woman hall monitor said, "Hey Girl, where do you think you're going?" I don't know why that really bugged me, as I was a senior and I had a name, but I was obviously guilty of some infraction for not being where I should be. She seemed to be genuinely miffed that I was in the hallway for a legitimate reason. There were good teachers, at my school, understand, but we were trapped in a system that stymied our freedom and consisted of an oppressive atmosphere.

Anybody out there remember Channel One? That 10 minute news show that you had to sit through during 1st period where Lisa Lingading would tell you of the horrors of the "greeenhouse effect"? That was the '90s word for global warming. Just in case your parents didn't have the liberal media indoctrination on while you were getting ready for school, it awaited you before you started your day. We did our best to not pay attention. Our Christian teachers did a good job keeping us from the obvious indoctrination attempts, but there's just something about every textbook being written by the Establishment. I remember my US History teacher struggling through his options for next year's standard history class. They were all so biased, and hard to find more than a paragraph on George Washington. Anyway, going to school could best be described as "malaise".

I'm not going to get into my dirty laundry, but as you know the divorce rate of the parents of people my age is really unprecedented. Let's just say it really affects one's trust-o-meter. When young people can't trust their parent(s) to hold true to their vows before God, it really creates a rippling effect of distrust onto all the other institutions. When I hear boomers complain of liberal media bias, I'm very unimpressed and uninterested. Why? I sat under Channel One for eight years, as it started when I was in sixth grade, not to mention the patent phoniness of having stuff "sold" to you all the time. Of course I've heard about the liberal media since I started listening to Rush Limbaugh in 1992, so the fact that the media is biased is a given fact with me. Can we talk about something else now? Other non-political people my age will not rail against media bias, but will take it for granted that there's an angle somewhere, everyone's got one.

I see a lot of Millenials in greater numbers shielding their children from the poor schooling and family experiences that they themselves endured. This is evidenced by the rise of homeschooling as an educational choice among parents my age, and as more women my age become homemakers. Having seen what being a latch-keyed kid was like, many Millenials don't want that for their kids.  Now understand, I'm talking abut a subset of the population, for the oblivious we shall always have with us. I would say, however, that those in my generation are more able to break away from "official" party lines given the huge amount of phoniness we've had shoved down our throats, than older Americans as a group.

So, to summarize, when you've seen the basis of civilization broken up right in front of you, it gives one a radically different perspective than one who has grown up in a world where you could at least trust your parents not to skip out on you. You then naturally, could trust the government to at least be watching your back as you slept. That's their job right? Uh, right?? A Millennial would have no problem whatsoever with the thought that the USG would be "stepping out on us" for more money and power. Many of us have seen that happen in our own homes, so why couldn't it happen on a larger scale?

This is obvious for those of us who have grown up using computers. I got my first Tandy Color Computer 2 when I was in Kindergarten. I had three games on cartridges, The Temple of Rom, Alphabet Zoo, and ..can't remember what the other one was.. Anyway, now I use that to date myself, as kids I'm working with will say how old I am because I can remember when floppy disks were really floppy. lol  So, as a group, we're used to getting our information totally online. Remember when the internet first came to your school? They had to shut it off pretty quick in my middle school, if I remember for inappropriate uses. But the thing is, that more people my age are shutting off Establishment media. Remember that control of information is how the progressives took over this country. Recall the Reece Committee investigation that found that one of the aims of the Carnegie Foundation was to control the education system. Also recall was Congressman Oscar Callaway said regarding control of the media back in the early 1900s. I had a ball when I was in Knoxville, telling the peddlers of the Knoxville News Sentinel that I would not take their crappy newspaper camping with me, much less pay for it. We had a challenger to the county executive position have a bullet miss his head by an arms length! Read about it on page D3. In case you didn't know, Tennessee is the most corrupt state in the nation, and our newspapers are totally in on it. Most of what they publish is just AP wire stories and fluff. So I don't read newspapers, I don't watch local news (but should probably find a local blog), I don't have cable or satellite. I am the master of my digital domain and it feels pretty good. I also do not listen to talk radio much, unless it's Jerry Doyle. Why? Because I've already heard it all. The big talk radio hosts add nothing to my knowledge of our national predicament.

The older generation is tapping into the internet, but the old habits die hard. The power of radio and TV is still prevalent among this group. Of course, I'm talking about the subset of these age groups that even attempt to follow politics, which I acknowledge is not a huge number of people. But remember what they taught you about advertising, how the 18-34 market was crucial as that was when people picked the brands they would stick to for life. The Elite are disturbed that this market is highly suspicious of anything that they are selling, not just products, but entire sectors of the economy. Technology is allowing both liberal and conservative young people follow the money to the source of corruption. This leads me to ..
NH News

When one follows the money trail with intellectual honesty, whether one be liberal or conservative, one arrives at similar conclusions. Libertarianism is like the Reeses Pieces of politics:

 Hey! You've got corporate money in my government.
 Hey! You've got expansive government bailing out my supposed "free market" corporations.
 Hey! This all makes a heck of a lot more sense!

 The government and the corporations have been working together over the past 100 years to create an all-encompassing socialist state. And no, it's not the Utopian socialist state the liberals try to push at universities. (By the way, every single universities has these banksters as officials, provosts, trustees etc. and the liberal programs are 100% funded by the foundations where the banksters hide their money - do a muckety or nndb.com search to prove it to yourself.)

I'm finding that conservatives who are still stuck in the talk radio / Fox News matrix dismiss those of us out here who are now identifying more under the libertarian label because they just don't understand what is really going on here. It's like trying to solve for x, but not understanding the process of isolating the variable first. While conservatives are railing against the unknown x, which in our metaphor would be liberals, liberals everywhere, libertarians are providing cogent explanations of how progressivism infiltrated America and the mechanisms by which it spreads. Libertarians isolate the variable of progressivism by subtracting the rhetoric away, and dividing by the political machine. What is left is progressives (both R and D) and their funding sources. Then one clearly sees the Fed Cartel, their associated banks, the foundations where they hide their money and their social engineering projects. It all becomes as clear as day.

For the record, I do NOT like to be labeled. I am an American, loyal to the following in this order:
1. The Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom Come - which emphasizes the individual over the group.
2. My family, which I am charged with guarding from the wiles of the devil and on this earth, that means guarding against progressive "deviling"
3. The US of A and its Constitution as founded and as intended to protect us all in our individual pursuits of happiness.

I have so many Continental soldiers in my lineage who fought against oppression and tyranny. They would look on our current national conversation in disgust. How could we be so easily played, when the answer is just to follow the love of money aka the "root of all evil"? When we do, we find the same crew running the show with the purpose of creating a world-wide communist government. The Elite see that this generation has tapped into the free-flow of information and that their time is limited. Like a cornered animal, they will try to lower the boom, which is why all those screaming hysterical Ron Paul fanatics are trying so hard to wake people up, because they understand the times in which they live and what is at stake. Mock us at your peril, we're just trying to live up to our birthright as Americans, defending the Constitution with a righteous zeal.

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment. I Chron 12:32
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  1. I love the part about Channel One! Talk about a blast from the past. I had totally forgotten about sitting through those 10 minute Democrat propaganda sessions. We all knew it too. Well, most of us. And our teacher was a die hard liberal. She hated us! Anyway, enough reminiscing. Good post!

  2. I am just old enough to have missed the indoctrination you endourer. However I am young enough to be the first in my region to stand up against it while in college. I have the honor of being the first student to challenge a political science professor for grades at Indiana U. It was common for me to use facts in sociology req classes. We fought it and you paid the price because they realized that fear was the best way to shut us up and make us go along.

    1. Check out the free, online book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, available at americandeception.com. and see where you fall in the comprehensive history of the liberal, Fabian socialist takeover of the education system. That book goes decade by decade, and it really started in 1895, but wasn't really noticed by the public till the 60s. It might resonate with what you experienced!

  3. Followup to your loyalty list, I have a question. It's a hypothetical, purely for my own interest, and anyone is free to answer. I find myself curious on the sentiments of the people here, though (and especially of the OP).

    Say you had two presidential candidates; both will be necessarily unrealistic, but go with me for a moment.

    The first candidate:
    - Is a very conservative religious man, very willing to put God before country, will fight for religious principles in government, would remove entirely the church/state separation if he could, but...
    - is also a radical progressive, who openly believes in a all-controlling government as ideal for the country, would take 100% of the "rich" people's (and all corporations') money, would take away rights from and/or prosecute people who are not practicing his religion (or "devoted enough"), supports as large and controlling a government as possible, etc.

    The second candidate:
    - Stands for limited (small) government, equality, fiscal responsibility, low flat taxation, personal responsibility, minimizing corruption, and personal freedom, but...
    - is explicitly not religious, and will give no special treatment (positive or negative) for any religious concern at all in making governing decisions.

    Which one would you rather have running the country? Followup: would it be a difficult decision?

    1. Obviously the second candidate. This would not be difficult, but a no-brainer. The first candidate most certainly is NOT a Christian, so I would not vote for him on this basis as well as him being some sort of collectivist.

      I am a deeply religious person, but I understand when someone is trying to play me with religion, and it ticks me off when they do. Christianity emphasizes the individual, and their right to follow Christ or to follow no one at all.

    2. Well, I'd say your view on how Christianity would lean politically is somewhat subjective. The church is all about collectivism, in a certain sense: donations, helping the less fortunate, balancing the wealth, an ever-present, ever-watching authority figure ensuring you follow the rules, etc. If they were all about individual choice even if it was the "wrong" choice from their perspective, they wouldn't be fighting the rights of women to use contraception, for example.

      Regardless, though, I appreciate the response. Hypothetically, though, if you knew the first candidate had your exact same religion (maybe a different perspective on it, but you knew he was a real true believer), would your answer differ? In other words, if he's not trying to play you but just has a different perspective on what Christianity means for the country, would you support him over the other candidate?

    3. If this hypothetical candidate was a fellow church member and I knew him well, but was still a progressive and used the power of the state to coerce others into our religion, I would still question his salvation because the separation of Church and State is a Christian ideal, espoused by the Lord Jesus when he said, give unto Caeser what is Caeser's and to God what is God's. Let me be clear: the God I worship doesn't force himself on anyone, and anyone claiming the name of Christ and doing just that is none of His. Scripture is clear one how one become born again - by hearing the Word. No mandates, no state indoctrination programs, no edicts. The Bible is the only offensive weapon given to a Christian, because it cuts both ways. You cannot "recruit" people into true Christianity like Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons, you have to be born again, individually each lamb coming to the Shepherd. This is out of the realm of politics or government, but is operating on a level above all that. Paul is clear that we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in high places. I submit that this wickedness seeks to collectivize the entire world under a central authority. The prophecies are clear that this is Satan's endgame.

      Now about the church being about collectivism and authority figures - you sound like someone who's been hurt, brother. I try to get into the most congregational church I can find that espouses the belief of a priesthood of believers. This means no one is more important than the other. The pastor's job is to preach the word, the deacons minister to the needs of the church, as well as the ladies always ready with a good casserole. As a Baptist, we formed in opposition to "organized religion". While its true we collect money, it all stays in our church or goes to missions and projects we vote on. I would favor home fellowship over the more collectivized mega-church any day.

      As far as birth control goes, let me tell you what happens when you have four more children as I do (five) and walk into a typical Protestant environment: you're treated like a complete freak. This is not the case where I'm attending right now, praise God, but typically, I'll get the "you know what causes that.. hardy har" right in front of my kids. The key is to look happy, which I am, so its easy and say the God has blessed me. This really convicts hee hee. But conviction comes from the Holy Ghost, not from Rick Sanctimonius Santorum's code of Churchianity. Following the Biblical principles of property rights (vis a vis insurance) would solve so much controversy, but the Devil loves him some controversy, so I don't look for simplicity anytime soon.

  4. Answer to question #1... Candidate 2

    Answer to question #2... Absolutely not!

    Call me a classical liberal.


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