Obama Burned in Effigy Again Constantly

By Proof

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Well, at least it's not that cowboy Bush! Remember back to those halcyon days of 2008 and 2009, when candidate, and then, newly elected Barack Obama was singing his own praise before phony Styrofoam columns and claiming that he would stop the rise of the oceans and make the world like us, because he wasn't anything like that cowboy George Bush, and all we needed was a little bit of hope and change, and peace would guide the planet and love would stir the stars? Oops! That last part was from the hippie musical "Hair", but you get my drift!

So, I was mildly interested when I heard in passing of Obama being burned in effigy again in Afghanistan this week...
"How's that 'hope and change' working out for you," I thought? But it was far worse than that In searching for a photo to illustrate what I thought would be just a gentle dig at my liberal friends, I found the one above, which was from India, Nov. 2010.

And at least according to one source, the Afghan burning of Obama in effigy is a weekly occurrence. Weekly? Yes, my good friends, Barack Obama, beloved around the world for his unique unicorn taming abilities and Nobel Peace prize winning management and launching of several wars is not as quite beloved as we were lead to believe.

So, I have a question for the Lame Stream Media: Obama gets burned in effigy (B-i-E), at least once a week somewhere around the world, is it not news because,
a) it happens so often, or
b) because it reflects badly on the president? Or
c) both.

BTW, there was a nice little ironic touch to the story of the latest B-i-E,
At least five children were seriously burned during and taken to a U.S. military hospital following the effigy (burning).

Get that? After chanting death to America and burning our president in effigy, the US is the first place they turn, to get aid and help for their children.

Seeing as how beloved Barack "I'm not that cowboy Bush" Obama is around the world, after the dust has settled and we see the full results of Obama's "diplomacy" towards Israel and Iran, Pakistan and Egypt, Syria and Russia, China and North Korea, will we see a more stable and peaceful world, with allies at least neutral to the US, or will we see a more dangerous world, with more nations openly hostile to the US? I'd say, get this man out of office before he commits another act of "diplomacy" against the interests of the US and world peace.

Having said that, has there ever been a Nobel Peace Prize winner burned in effigy as often as this one? A brief glimpse of Obama flambé around the world:

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Egypt, Feb. 2011

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Pakistan (or Pockistan), Sept. 2011

And remember the naked glee from the left when someone insulted George Bush by throwing a shoe at him? A little love token from Egypt:

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And, BTW, I just want to let you know that it is going to be awfully hard for Barack to keep the oceans from rising, if you people insist on emitting that much carbon from burning him in effigy, that often, around the world. Think of the planet! Think of the children!!

Update : Here is the picture from this week. The photographer apparently showed up after the Obama effigy was ablaze, so they burned a cross for good measure.
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    1. Happy to be of service! Hot burning effigies while you wait!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah. But the last cowboy had no pretense or illusions that the world would somehow love us.

  3. They only hate him because he's black.

  4. .

    "They only hate US because of our freedoms."

    Hatred comes in many colors.

    Do you think your hatred of Mr Obama is any different than the people's in Afghanistan? The people of Afghanistan take to the street to spew their hate of USA, you take to the internet to spew your hate of USA.

    Ema Nymton

    1. ""They only hate US because of our freedoms." Who are you quoting, Ema? Yourself? No one here made that statement. No one said they hated Obama. No one here said they hated the USA. Have you considered seeking professional psychiatric help, Ema? You really should, as quickly as possible.
      Bless your heart!


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