(VIDEO) Mitt Romney Attempts Humor on Jay Leno's Tonight Show

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Consultant-in-Chief Romney is no limited-government conservative. Rather, he's a cynical, slimy, reptilian-statist and Nixon-like opportunist.

Oddly enough, he also has Tricky Dick's sense of humor -- as in none.

Video of Mitt Romney on Jay Leno's show and more content below the fold...

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Did you know Ron Paul was on Jay Leno's show recently? Probably not since the left/right media didn't mention it. Interestingly, he tells Leno of the possibility of a brokered convention:


  1. ...Attemps...?

    typo alert, typo alert!

    Romney's king-fu has no style. Even when he is given the opportunity to shine and dazzle, he comes across like a wet washcloth having a conversation with an insane man in some leftist-run sanitarium.

    1. Ack! It seems I have a typo alert, too! I meant to say 'kung-fu', not 'kung-fi'. Or did I?

    2. Heh, he who lives in glass house should not throw stone.


    3. *facepalm*...busted, it's true. :)

      Let me make up for it and offer to send you a lifetime supply of Twinkies, and also to promise to spell-check myself from now on. Ha!

  2. I see where Marco Rubio has endorsed Mittens. What's up with that? VP aspirations possibly? So much for principles.

    1. Rubio, one time possible Conservative, has shot himself in the foot and shown his true colors. I liked the guy based on his principles, but as you said, RNUSA, it seems his principles have been set aside for a possible VP nod.

      Politics as usual.

    2. My savvy tea party friends in Florida (those that loathe the establishment) told me to keep an eye on Rubio; now I see why.


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