In The Pursuit of Truth... #1

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

The torch; Greek symbol of truth.

Seeking, and ultimately finding the truth requires a searing light of desire for knowledge within oneself. Truth, once found, becomes knowledge and light for future generations.

At least that is how this individual sees it...

It seems at times Americans fail to seek truth. In politics, we act as though we are more concerned with winning particular ideological arguments we have bought into (some more false than others) than whether they are right or wrong. Many of us cling to false premises even when an argument is lacking in reason, and is contrary to our own rational self-interest.

Far too often securing the "right" to wield power over others becomes more important than doing that which is ethically and morally right. Retaining a consistent philosophy rooted in reason and ethical behavior seems just too hard for some.

Individualism and the Canard of "Fairness"

In the pursuit to be universally fair we have lost sight of the concept of the individual and their natural rights. In accepting "fair" as the ultimate goal and standard we have replaced the individual with the collective.

Unfortunately, life is not fair. Individuals are born with identical abilities, or even the same interests, dreams, goals and desires, talents and proficiencies. With the exception of those who are legitimately physically or mentally handicapped -- "challenged" to be politically-correct -- everyone has the ability to be productive and find fulfillment, expression and happiness in their own way.

Regardless of fairness, the level of compensation for any given discipline is determined by the complexity involved, the degree of advanced education/training required, the availability of talent (supply), the need for the specific discipline (demand), and the degree (salary level) the market supports and compensates individuals in a given discipline. The Invisible Hand of market forces, ie. demand for certain products and services, determines the need and specific quantities required for all disciplines. The struggling yet talented artist (or freelance blogger) is not compensated for his talents and abilities like a PhD brain surgeon. Is this dynamic fair? Consider that although born with a talent, the PhD brain surgeon spent 8-10 years in higher academia and spent over $200,000 to become credentialed in his field.

The Assault on Capitalism; Twilight of America?

Capitalism has been under attack since its very beginnings. From the start, many assailed the benefits of the capitalist system by scapegoating and misinterpreting what Rand called the "unknown ideal" of laissez faire free markets. Nevertheless, it was and still is capitalism -- and capitalism only -- that produced the most equitable economic system the world has ever known. No centrally-planned, committee-, bureaucratic- or micromanagement-controlled (from the top down) economy has ever come close to the amount of wealth and prosperity produced by the capitalist system. Unfortunately in America we now see it burdened with regulatory and tax schemes that threaten its efficacy and future.

Capitalism is essentially dying from self-inflicted wounds. Crony capitalism, corporatism -- and lest we forget,  the willingness of businesses to grovel for taxpayer-funded subsidies -- have created the perfect storm of today.

An adage rings a true as it did hundreds of years ago: Truth is self-evident. The discovery begins when you as an individual -- or a nation that desires it -- looks deeply enough.

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