"I see the Democratic and Republican parties not as very distinct but as two points on a continuum that is based on the same general premises and ideas of governing..."

Free Minds Think Alike
By the Left Coast Rebel

The title quote above was taken from a fabulous Reason.com article, "Meet Some of Reason's Donors!" wherein many (I only got to page 8) Reason donors are profiled. What struck me the most was the variety of individuals touched, moved, motivated and otherwise philosophically aligned with Reason.com's "free minds and free markets" libertarian approach to politics.

I love Reason Magazine (one of the only mags I have subscribed too in a long time, though I hate to admit that I allowed my subscription to lapse; back-issue reading!) For me, Reason offers a lot of common-sense libertarianism sans the harsher Lew Rockwell strain of the movement. In fact, I gave an attorney friend (who is mildly liberal, albeit with an independent streak) a large stack of back issues, thinking that it might offer some insight or turn on an a-ha! lightbulb inside his psyche.

Anyway, enough of my babbling, head over to Reason.com and Read The Rest.

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