Give Me Some Love at Quickmeme

 By Right Klik is a fun place to slap a trenchant little quip on an amusing picture. Lately, more conservatives have been leaving their mark at Quickmeme. Check out the "College Liberal" memes and the ones on Rutherford B Hayes.

It looks like "Upvoting Obama" is catching on fast. Kindly browse out the fine selection of anti-Obamacare memes by yours truly and give me some love by clicking on the smiley faces. Popular memes rise to the top.


VOTE HERE (Shamelessly borrowed from David Burge)


  1. Good stuff, I'm totally using this resource. How do we vote on your pics? I clicked the "vote here" link in the post but couldn't find it.

  2. Whoops, click on the smiley face! :)

  3. Seriously, no wonder these freaks are all about killing their unborn. I mean, DAMN!,if I looked like her and faced the reality of bringing a baby into the world that might look like me, I'd be all about Planned Parenthood, too. They wold consider it a birth defect and feel okay with the slaughter.

    You do realize that her hair reeks of human feces, right? Can you imagine her armpits and, um, bikini area? Yikes! Someone fetch that little hottie a bar of soap, ASAP!


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