Dick Cheney's New Heart; Civility on the Internet?

Did you hear Darth Vader has a new heart?

By the Left Coast Rebel

In all fairness, I'm no prude; I'll admit that there is a bit of irony found in the fact that the left's Darth Vader now has a new heart. Upon reading the news, I also immediately suspected that a lot of internet progressives would display no class regarding the story...

I wasn't disappointed in the least with what I found.

What does it say about America -- and the nasty ol' intertubes more precisely -- that the death (in the case of Andrew Breitbart) or ill health (in the case of former Vice President Dick Cheney) of a rightist political figure predictably results in progressive jubilation?

It's just classless, amoral and clueless to poke fun, ridicule and/or find great enjoyment and entertainment in the ill health of an individual whom you vehemently loathe, even one that as a leftist, liberal, progressive, socialist, constitutionalist, anarchist, libertarian -- whatever -- you strongly disagree with.

I won't post any of them but for a taste of what I'm talking about, peruse the comment section here at MSNBC or the crap circling the drain on Twitter. Or even better, the comments left to stand at the aptly-named left-wing site "Crooks and Liars."

Progressive death celebration is the equivalent to Islamic bloodthirsty wackos running around the Middle East after the Twin Towers fell, screaming, "Death to America!" and "Allahu Akbhar!"

It's jihadist-stupid, neanderthalish and outrageously ridiculous to find joy in the death or poor health of anyone. Don't get me wrong: I'm not issuing a "don't be mean when someone dies" plea, rather I'm saying here to shut the 'F' up if you don't have anything other than condolences to offer. That goes for rightists engaging in the same behavior when Ted Kennedy died. He had a family, grandchildren and deserved respect upon passing. Shame on you if you took to the net to celebrate.

Updated: Do we need more "compromise" with the sentiment and mentality that is destroying America from within? Or, do we need a Big, Fat, Clean-Cut American-Style Divorce?

I'm ready to sign the papers right now.


  1. A house divided cannot stand. That is why progressive want us exterminated.

    1. Yup. FWIW, I'm no fan of Cheney, either but that's besides the point.

  2. I realize I am not an A-list lefty blogger, but I wished him an uneventful and speedy recovery. No snark.

    1. And I commend you for that, Bobby. I recall we've talked before (re: Bark, Bark) and you are an honest gentleman with plenty of integrity (though we disagree politically.) Most of the truly awful stuff I saw was comment-related.

  3. Excellent post. Both right and left, conservative and progressive ought to take away from this the remarks as they were intended.

  4. Yes, because Andrew Breitbart was the pillar of sensitivity when Ted Kennedy passed away.Stop whining you hypocrites.


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