The Banana Republic of Kalifornia: LAPD Now not Impounding Illegals' Cars

Not a bear any more: The California State Symbol
By the Left Coast Rebel

First, a definition:

N. A banana republic is a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource (e.g. fruits, minerals), which usually has an impoverished working class who are ruled by a wealthy élite.

Sounds about right. Let's see, I'll bend things a little: the Once Golden State certainly depends on the exports of a limited resource (those who still live here, earn an income and are now facing the possibility of 12-13% income taxes), we certainly have an impoverished working class (the state is stuffed to the gills with "undocumented migrants") and last but not least, we absolutely are ruled by a wealthy elite (ever hear of Sacramento?)

Now, this (from last month! How did I not hear about this?)....

Calling it an act of “humanity” and “compassion” toward the city's illegal immigrants, the Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday approved a controversial plan to limit the cases in which police officers impound vehicles of drivers operating without a license.

The commission made the move despite warnings from Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley and state lawyers that the new impound policy is illegal.
It marks a victory for immigration-rights advocates as well as Police Chief Charlie Beck, who has championed the new policy despite sharp criticism at public meetings, on talk radio and by some law enforcement officials.

The shift is significant in a city with a large illegal immigrant population. For decades, the Los Angeles Police Department has been trying to convince immigrants that police are not the enemy, and Beck said he hopes the new rules will improve relations and encourage undocumented immigrants to cooperate with police investigations.

Words fail me.

More at PJM: "Twisting LAPD Impound Policy to Favor Illegals"


  1. So, I break the law, my car gets impounded, if an illegal breaks the law, my car gets impounded. Makes sense to me. We're a providence of Mexico, not a state in the US.

  2. Well, That's it. California is now well and truly done. Get me a fork please...!

  3. So Goes California, So Goes the Nation...
    Our republic was nice while it lasted.


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