Sotomayor's Shocking Ignorance

By RightKlik (The following post was originally published at American Thinker)

The liberal Supreme Court justices have demonstrated profound and shocking ignorance of the American health care system. Here's one of the most jarring examples:

"What percentage of the American people who took their son or daughter to an emergency room and that child was turned away because the parent didn't have insurance," asked Sotomayor, "... do you think there's a large percentage of the American population that would stand for the death of that child -- (who) had an allergic reaction and a simple shot would have saved the child?"

I have a precise answer for Justice Sonia Sotomayor...

Chicagoland vs. Middle America on Gun Rights

By: Wes Messamore

During the month of March two very elderly men-- both veterans-- used guns to defend themselves and their property from attackers. One got help from the police to solve the rash of burglaries in his area and find the criminals that broke onto his land to steal his farm equipment. The other got arrested by the police and charged with unlawful use of a weapon. One lives in Missouri, the other lives in Chicago. Can you guess which lives where?

Paul Krugman Checks in on Broccoli and ObamaCare; Progressivism = Totalitarianism

 By the Left Coast Rebel

As the ObamaCare SCOTUS debate raged this week, I paid particular attention to the left's reaction.

What I found was fascinating: there was apoplecticism, attacks (against the Supremes - how dare they!) and strange silence from the Yoda of the Left, Paul Krugman.

"Me have to teach, and travel.... hmph," Yoda said about his weekly schedule, or something, regarding his odd absence in the raging SCOTUS ObamaCare debate.

Well, today he checked in and what a delight it is, starting out as thus...

Conservatives Have "Slipped" Away From Science (Gordon Gauchat, Stephanie Pappas)

By RightKlik

Scientific insight or more junk science? Via Hot Air, Stephanie Pappas discusses a new report from Dr. Gordon Gauchat:
Politically conservative Americans have lost trust in science over the last 40 years while moderates and liberals have remained constant in the stock they put in the scientific community, a new study finds.

The most educated conservatives have slipped the most, according to the research set to appear in the April issue of the journal American Sociological Review.

...At the beginning of the survey, in the 1970s, conservatives trusted science more than anyone, with about 48 percent evincing a great deal of trust. By 2010, the last year survey data was available, only 35 percent of conservatives said the same.
Concern for bias in Stephanie's article starts with the title, "Conservatives Losing Trust in Science." This is considerably less neutral than the title of Gauchat's article, "Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere..."

When it Comes to Washington DC and ObamaCare, one Hayek Quote to Rule Them All

By the Left Coast Rebel

Simple genius taken from Friedrich Hayek's "The Constitution of Liberty":

Not only is liberty a system under which all government action is guided by principles, but it is an ideal that will not be preserved unless it is itself accepted as an overriding principle governing all particular acts of legislation. Where no such fundamental rule is stubbornly adhered to as an ultimate ideal about which there must be no compromise for the sake of material advantages—as an ideal which, even though it may have to be temporarily infringed during a passing emergency, must form the basis of all permanent arrangements—freedom is almost certain to be destroyed by piecemeal encroachments. For in each particular instance it will be possible to promise concrete and tangible advantages as the result of a curtailment of freedom, while the benefits sacrificed will in their nature always be unknown and uncertain.

One could reasonably argue that there would be no Supreme Court ObamaCare case today if Hayek's simple wisdom was followed, even partially.

More below the fold...

(VIDEO) Mitt Romney Attempts Humor on Jay Leno's Tonight Show

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Consultant-in-Chief Romney is no limited-government conservative. Rather, he's a cynical, slimy, reptilian-statist and Nixon-like opportunist.

Oddly enough, he also has Tricky Dick's sense of humor -- as in none.

Video of Mitt Romney on Jay Leno's show and more content below the fold...

Unpredictable and Often Involuntarily?

 By Right Klik

If Obamacare is found to be constitutional, forcing us to buy private health insurance, is there anything the government can't force us to buy?

What about cell phones for emergencies? Broccoli for good health? Burial insurance for unexpected death? An automobile for emergency transportation? Is there any "limiting principle"?

The best argument the Obama government can come up with is that the federal government will not be able force citizens to purchase other important goods and services, because there is nothing out there that is as unpredictable or as involuntary as the need for health care. Health care is unique, so we can be forced to purchase health insurance, but we can't be forced to buy anything else, because everything else is predictable, voluntary and non-unique.

Are you convinced by this argument? Supreme Court Justice Scalia wasn't convinced either...

Gary Johnson At 7% In Latest PPP Poll

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

Gary Johnson is half way to where he needs to be in order to get into the debates but with little or no name recognition due to the media blackout he received when he was running for the GOP nomination, the sky is the limit.

The latest PPP Poll has the former two-term New Mexico Governor holding steady, for the third straight month, at 7% in a three way race against Barry and Mittens. 7% with a full 74% of those polled having no opinion of Gov Johnson.

Should Johnson win the Libertarian Party nomination, and the free press that comes with it, his stock will surely rise. Add to that the army of disaffected Ron Paul supporters who will be looking for a looking for a liberty minded candidate to get behind in November and Gary Johnson has the potential to jump up quickly to the 15-20% range rather quickly...

Professor Bainbridge Has it Just About Right on the SCOTUS ObamaCare Hearings

By the Left Coast Rebel

I've been monitoring the second day of Supreme Court Obamacare hearings all day. I'm loathe and overwhelmingly weary of having a definitive opinion on just where things might go; regardless, though, today was a very, very bad day for ObamaCare.

Especially disconcerting for me is that the SCOTUS ObamaCare decision (particularly concerning the individual mandate) looks to be coming down to one man: Justice Kennedy. I don't like that but will cross my fingers anyway.

On the Kennedy point, Professor Bainbridge has it just about right:

So this momentous decision that will affect the lives of hundreds of millions of folks comes down to the whim of one old dude in a robe. Especially this old dude, who seems to be worried mostly about his historical legacy and the opinions of the DC elite.


Click the continue reading link below for updates.

Cato Scholar Professor Randy Barnett in the New York Times

By the Left Coast Rebel

Interesting article in today's NYT on Cato scholar and Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett:

WASHINGTON — When Congress passed legislation requiring nearly all Americans to obtain health insurance, Randy E. Barnett, a passionate libertarian who teaches law at Georgetown, argued that the bill was unconstitutional. Many of his colleagues, on both the left and the right, dismissed the idea as ridiculous — and still do.
But over the past two years, through his prolific writings, speaking engagements and television appearances, Professor Barnett has helped drive the question of the health care law’s constitutionality from the fringes of academia into the mainstream of American legal debate and right onto the agenda of the United States Supreme Court...

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Studio B With Shepard Smith; Comments on the Supreme Court Hearing on ObamaCare

By the Left Coast Rebel

From Fox News Insider:

Fox News Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano broke down how the Supreme Court will go about determining the constitutionality of the health care bill. He noted that the Supreme Court is not supposed to hear a case unless it is timely. “In other words, you can’t just ask the court to declare a statute unconstitutional because you think it’s unconstitutional. You have to have been harmed by it, or have a harm coming your way,” he explained.

Big Dogs Run in the 'Big Easy' for 2012 Final Four

By LCR Contributor Barrell Rider

With 62 games in the books and only three games remaining, the 2012 Final Four is fixed. In typical fashion, this years iteration has produced plenty of upsets, heartbreak and fantastic finishes. It has brought out the best in both athletes and coaches...

Cut Federal Government Spending in Half!

By Frank Hill

Sometimes, having a handy visual prop helps focus things in the mind.

Or at least a good song that stays in your head forever it seems.

'We could cut the federal budget in half...and still have a great military defense system, social safety net to take care of every poor person who needs it and help build the infrastructure and educational system we need to remain the greatest nation on earth'

You don't believe it?...

(VIDEO) Penn Jillette: Mistrust of Government a Beautiful Thing

 By the Left Coast Rebel

"The last thing that we want is a government that can get things done; all that a government that gets things done does is take away freedoms. We want a clunky, sloppy, slow-moving, small, insignificant, weak government there all the time..."

Jillette is one smart dude.

Hat-tip Judge Andrew Napolitano/Facebook.

Are we Facing a Student Load Debt Economic Crisis?

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Is the $1 trillion + student loan debt market about to blow up?


Writes Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:

...the student debt bubble, which at last check just surpassed $1 trillion , is growing at $40-50 billion each month. However, just like subprime, the first cracks have now appeared. In a report set to convince borrowers that Student Loan ABS are still safe - of course they are - they are backed by all taxpayers after all in the form of the Family Federal Education Program - Fitch discloses something rather troubling, namely that of the $1 trillion + in student debt outstanding, "as many as 27% of all student loan borrowers are more than 30 days past due."

(VIDEO) Director James Cameron's Dive to the Ocean's Deepest Depths

By the Left Coast Rebel

From National Geographic:

At noon, local time (10 p.m. ET), James Cameron's "vertical torpedo" sub broke the surface of the western Pacific, carrying the National Geographic explorer and filmmaker back from the Mariana Trench's Challenger Deep—Earth's deepest, and perhaps most alien, realm.

The first human to reach the 6.8-mile-deep (11-kilometer-deep) undersea valley solo, Cameron arrived at the bottom with the tech to collect scientific data, specimens, and visions unthinkable in 1960, when the only other manned Challenger Deep dive took place, according to members of the National Geographic expedition.

After a faster-than-expected, roughly 70-minute ascent, Cameron's sub, bobbing in the open ocean, was spotted by helicopter and would soon be plucked from the Pacific by a research ship's crane. Earlier, the descent to Challenger Deep had taken 2 hours and 36 minutes...

Continue Reading...

MORE: At CNET: James Cameron Hits the World's Floor -- And Returns

Discussion: Memeorandum

Obama Admits He Should Give Free Market Capitalism a Chance

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Gazing, gawking and peering like a binocular-strapped Peeping Tom into the collectivist prison-state of North Korea earlier today, Obama has an amazing epiphany on the "worker's paradise":

"If it can't deliver on any indicators of well-being... for its people... then you'd think you'd want to try something different". "There are certain things that just don't work and what they are doing doesn't work."

Words to live by; it makes you wonder though if the Professor just now realized the horrors of communism.

Now that he has personally seen what a despotic totalitarian state looks like, will Obama give free market capitalism a chance?

Probably not since he sure hasn't given peace a chance.

Updated: Man oh man. You HAVE to read the comments to the Peeping Tom Obama North Korea article.

Here's a taste...

Ted Cruz for Senate?

Ted Cruz
Gage Skidmore
By the Left Coast Rebel

I'm done complaining about the longstanding Republican Party three-ring-circus Presidential primary race. For all I care, Mitt "ultra-liberal" Romney and Rick "Sanctimonious-RINO" Santorum can duke it out to the bitter end.

I would still love to see a brokered convention but am aware that the phrase Jeb Bush 2012 should give me extreme pause on the brokered option.

I plan on supporting more than complaining going forward. As I have no horse in the presidential race, I'm going to instead switch gears and spotlight liberty candidates for 2012. You'll see changes here in the coming months.

Dick Cheney's New Heart; Civility on the Internet?

Did you hear Darth Vader has a new heart?

By the Left Coast Rebel

In all fairness, I'm no prude; I'll admit that there is a bit of irony found in the fact that the left's Darth Vader now has a new heart. Upon reading the news, I also immediately suspected that a lot of internet progressives would display no class regarding the story...

Euro Hippies' Apocalyptic Noah's Ark

By the Left Coast Rebel

Via the UK's The Independent:

A mountain looming over a French commune with a population of just 200 is being touted as a modern Noah's Ark when doomsday arrives – supposedly less than nine months from now. A rapidly increasing stream of New Age believers – or esoterics, as locals call them – have descended in their camper van-loads on the usually picturesque and tranquil Pyrenean village of Bugarach. They believe that when apocalypse strikes on 21 December this year, the aliens waiting in their spacecraft inside Pic de Bugarach will save all the humans near by and beam them off to the next age.As the cataclysmic date – which, according to eschatological beliefs and predicted astrological alignments, concludes a 5,125-year cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar – nears, the goings-on around the peak have become more bizarre and ritualistic.

In The Pursuit of Truth... #1

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

The torch; Greek symbol of truth.

Seeking, and ultimately finding the truth requires a searing light of desire for knowledge within oneself. Truth, once found, becomes knowledge and light for future generations.

At least that is how this individual sees it...

Atheists Hold Massive Rally

Winning friends with ridicule

I have to ask: Why would atheists want to rally? How does a "live and let die" outlook drive people to congregate?...

Etch-A-Sketch Ad From Ron Paul's Campaign

 By the Left Coast Rebel

 “Conservatives and Constitutionalists have long been concerned about Mitt Romney’s track record of position changes and flip-flops, and his top adviser’s slip of the tongue only reinforces this suspicion.”

-- Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

More on the ad via Infowars, via Matt Drudge...

But I Thought the Solyndra Debacle Was Congress's Fault?

By the Left Coast Rebel

As you may know, the blame-shifting White House Occupier blame-shifted the Solyndra debacle to fill in the blank, or "anyone other than Teh Won" (ie. Congress.)

Though predictable at best, I find the timing (how many months after Solyndra's bankruptcy?) laughable, and frankly desperate. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean the miscreants and morons in the press won't run with it like the knee-pad-donning Obama-water-carrying-sycophants they are.

In other words,

Obama -- "Hey, look over there! It ain't me! It was Congress!"

Half-wit mainstream press -- "Oh, wow, look, shiny!"

Give Me Some Love at Quickmeme

 By Right Klik is a fun place to slap a trenchant little quip on an amusing picture. Lately, more conservatives have been leaving their mark at Quickmeme. Check out the "College Liberal" memes and the ones on Rutherford B Hayes.

It looks like "Upvoting Obama" is catching on fast. Kindly browse out the fine selection of anti-Obamacare memes by yours truly and give me some love by clicking on the smiley faces. Popular memes rise to the top.


Meet Your Elites: Dick Scaife

By The republican Mother

In my last post in this series, I delved into the background of Robert Mueller, who was educated in an exclusive prep school, and came from a family in "high" standing. While rummaging through the society page clippings of yesteryear, I found that two of the people who were in attendance of Mr. Meuller's inlaws' marriage ceremony in 1940 were Peter and William Standish. They were just boys at the time, but one, William grew up to be a federal judge for Western Pennsylvania. In the obituary for Peter, it was noted by one Richard Scaife how much fun they had playing together as boys. I'm just connecting this to show you how these people run in circles together that are not advertised by the media. I've been meaning to do a piece on Dick Scaife for awhile, but I knew it would be quite the undertaking, as no one funds things like he does. To the left, he is their George Soros, yet the vast majority of conservatives have never heard of him. He prefers it that way...

Crossing my Fingers on ObamaCare Repeal

By the Left Coast Rebel
Image Via RightKlik

If you didn't know, next week the Supreme Court is going to hear arguments (pro and con) on ObamaCare, aka the Orwellian-named "Affordable Care Act" that was forced, rammed, pork-barreled, bridge-to-nowhered down the American people's throat. I'm crossing my fingers that the High Court will at least shoot down the individual mandate, thus robbing ObamaCare of its key -- and only -- funding mechanism.

We shall see...

(VIDEO) AH-64 Apache Helicopter Crash Lands in Afghanistan

By the Left Coast Rebel

This has to be seen to be believed (LANGUAGE ALERT):

Description of the video from the fella the I assume shot and uploaded it:

AH-64 Apache helicopter crash in Sharana, Afghanistan. The pilot was executing a maneuver known as "return to target". No one on the ground was killed and both pilots survived, possible criminal charges were laid.

This pilot is in some serious doo-doo. Given that he is lucky enough to be alive and likely should have killed several people on the ground (by showing off), I'd say they should throw the book at him for pulling off this stunt.

A commenter at Youtube notes that @ 0.24 on the video, the chopper comes precariously close to several guys on the ground.

I took a couple of screenshots highlighting this...

(VIDEO) San Diego Realtor Jim Klinge Visits with

By the Left Coast Rebel

Courtesy of (and hat-tip WC Varones), meet Jim Klinge:

I met Jim Klinge a while back. Jim's a savvy, honest and straight-talking kind of guy, a rare commodity (to say the least) in the real estate sales field where... well, to put it nicely, sharks, hacks, "investment" quacks and those that would sell out their own granny for a couple bucks abound...

The Banana Republic of Kalifornia: LAPD Now not Impounding Illegals' Cars

Not a bear any more: The California State Symbol
By the Left Coast Rebel

First, a definition:

N. A banana republic is a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource (e.g. fruits, minerals), which usually has an impoverished working class who are ruled by a wealthy élite.

Sounds about right. Let's see, I'll bend things a little: the Once Golden State certainly depends on the exports of a limited resource (those who still live here, earn an income and are now facing the possibility of 12-13% income taxes), we certainly have an impoverished working class (the state is stuffed to the gills with "undocumented migrants") and last but not least, we absolutely are ruled by a wealthy elite (ever hear of Sacramento?)

Now, this (from last month! How did I not hear about this?)....

George Will on Creative Destruction


By the Left Coast Rebel

From Will's excellent Washington Post column today on creative destruction:
Creative destruction continues in the digital age. After 244 years — it began publication five years before the 1773 Boston Tea Party — the Encyclopaedia Britannica will henceforth be available only in digital form as it tries to catch up to reference Web sites such as Google and Wikipedia. Another digital casualty forgot it was selling the preservation of memories, a.k.a. “Kodak moments,” not film.

Club For Growth Statement Re: the Paul Ryan Budget; It's Still Big Government from Cato

By the Left Coast Rebel

Paul Ryan
Gage Skidmore
Rep. Paul Ryan recently released a budget. Granted the far-left went apoplectic; kook-hacks like Ezra Klein and the Yoda of the Left -- aka Paul Krugman -- howled at the moon in collective horror when it was released.

"Balancing the budget on the backs of the POOR!!!" they screamed in predictable fashion.

So, seeing this, I wanted to like Paul Ryan's recently-released budget.

But I know better...

A Tale of Two Pipelines

I hear the Bamboozler-in-Chief is heading to Cushing, Oklahoma tomorrow, to give a speech to a yard full of sections of oil pipes, to try to give himself political cover for his failed energy policies. Apparently the public is not invited to this self serving photo op, er, important energy address, and it was figured that the pipes would heckle him less that a live audience who had just filled up their cars with $5.00 a gallon gasoline to come hear him speak. Smart man, that president!

So, I got out my maps to see just where Cushing was in the big scheme of things.

When Was the Last Time You Heard of a Tea-Partier Doin' Something Like This?

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Hmm; when was it?

So many levels of wrong (not only in what Occupoopers are capable of, but even worse; what the media that loves the Occupoopers is capable of, as this will receive absolutely, positvely no air time -- pun intended.)

 Just sayin'....

Updated: A shredded-toilet-paper Memeorandum thread is now up.

"I see the Democratic and Republican parties not as very distinct but as two points on a continuum that is based on the same general premises and ideas of governing..."

Free Minds Think Alike
By the Left Coast Rebel

The title quote above was taken from a fabulous article, "Meet Some of Reason's Donors!" wherein many (I only got to page 8) Reason donors are profiled. What struck me the most was the variety of individuals touched, moved, motivated and otherwise philosophically aligned with's "free minds and free markets" libertarian approach to politics.

Mitt Romney, the Etch-A-Sketch Candidate

Mitt Romney's "belief" system
By the Left Coast Rebel

Read this and weep. How could any serious right-of-center American desperately concerned with the situation this nation has been put in support this man, even begrudgingly?

They don't call it the Stupid Party for nothin'.

PS: You will note that I added a blank Etch a Sketch image to this post. It is no coincidence that it is blank.

More from the foaming-at-the-mouth libtards at Think Progress...

(PHOTO) Jon McNaughton: Obama Sets Fire to the Constitution; One Nation Under Socialism

 By the Left Coast Rebel

We highligted artist Jon Mcnaugton's stunning "Forgotten Man" painting where the Founders and past presidents look on in horror as Obama tramples (literally) the Constitution.

Not one to be outdone, Jon McNaughton is causing heads to explode with his new "One Nation Under Socialism" painting wherein King Obama is literally setting fire to the Constitution: View super high-res image here

No wonder this painting is so controversial. It hits the ball out of the park. We peasants can't have that. How dare we!

The author's website describes his Paul Revere-esque intentions as thus...

Thoughts and Stuff...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Rodin - The Thinker

I've been thinking. Or perhaps more accurately stated I've been trying to think above the noise of the thoughtless.

I mean really, does anyone actually think ENTIRELY for themselves? Or do most wait to test which way the wind is blowing on any given day, week, month, or year?

After three years of blogging, visiting conservative, moderate, and liberal sites it seem most follow the blast of some unseen fog horn announcing the proper and correct path all good sheeples should follow. Without question. I should know. I've been one of those fog horns from time to time...

The False Dichotomy of the Bamboozler-in-Chief on Oil

By Proof

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Barack Obama, Bamboozler-in-Chief of the US, made a rather hinky statement about oil the other day. He posited a false dichotomy about oil being the "energy of the past" and alternative energy being the wave of the future. This is becoming part of his stump speech, as he elaborated on that talking point a few days later, trying to depict anyone who opposed his policies as "flat earthers".

Let's look at what he said, he called oil "the fuel of the past", as opposed to algae and electric cars and windmills and solar that he deems "the fuel of the future". But, isn't he omitting a rather large part of the equation? How about: The Present?

You know, algae might make a fine fuel someday, but when you go to fill up your car to get to work tomorrow, to go to the grocery store, to carpool the kids to school, to take the baby to the doctor, you can't fill up at the corner algae station, because there is none. If Barack could snap his fingers and put an algae powered car on every driveway in the nation, most of you would have to stay home, because there is no infrastructure to support it.

The Republican Party Isn't the Party of Inclusion: There is No Big Tent and This Isn't the Party of Reagan

(Editor's Note: Bungalow Bill was a first-hand observer of one of the Missouri Caucuses held March 17 in his home state. What he witnessed was shocking. What he has to say must be heard. He was kind enough to allow the following post to be published here at Left Coast Rebel)

"They [The Republcian Party] don't want these young people coming to their caucus," Ron Paul explains. From what I saw in my experience in the Missouri Caucus yesterday, where one woman stepped up angry because the slates were created long before the Missouri Caucus ever began, leaving first timers out of the process beyond just filling a seat for eight hours, Congressman Paul is right. The Republican Party isn't this big tent they like to preach. It's an insider's club just like Ron Paul says, and unfortunately I have seen people I considered my friends sell their conservative wisdom and soul to the establishment all to get a piece of the power pie.

Obama Shows No (Weight) Class in Meeting with Foreign Heads of State

By Proof

Read the subtitles. Our allies aren't fooled.

See how many times the Bamboozler-in-Chief condescendingly refers to smaller countries as "punching above their weight". One time might be an off the cuff remark, but to repeatedly make the same condescending, even mildly insulting boxing comparison shows either a complete lack of imagination on the part of Obama and his speech writers, or the fact that there is no teleprompter in these Oval Office meetings, and trite, near meaningless phrases are all he can muster.

Obama Burned in Effigy Again Constantly

By Proof

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well, at least it's not that cowboy Bush! Remember back to those halcyon days of 2008 and 2009, when candidate, and then, newly elected Barack Obama was singing his own praise before phony Styrofoam columns and claiming that he would stop the rise of the oceans and make the world like us, because he wasn't anything like that cowboy George Bush, and all we needed was a little bit of hope and change, and peace would guide the planet and love would stir the stars? Oops! That last part was from the hippie musical "Hair", but you get my drift!

So, I was mildly interested when I heard in passing of Obama being burned in effigy again in Afghanistan this week...

(VIDEO) Adam Carolla on Bill O'Reilly on California

 By the Left Coast Rebel

A reader tipped me on this video; it's simply too spot-on to not post.

"Everyone in California is either from New York or Tijuana... it's really the most progressive, wort of self-aggrandizing folks or the poorest folks coming in from different directions..."

I had no idea that laugher Adam Carolla was a member of the Common Sense Club. I commend him for having the gravitas and nerve to come out of the closet here on the left coast.

I often tell friends and family that don't reside in the Once Golden State that California is nothing more than criminally mismanaged...

Happy O'Green Day

Image taken from a video at
By Grant Davies

On this day in 461 A.D., the former slave of an obscure king died in the town of Saul, Ireland.

This particular slave was a Roman citizen who was born in Britain. He was snatched up at the age of sixteen from the estate of his wealthy family by people who have been variously described as "Irish marauders," pirates, or raiders, and was carted off to Ireland where he was sold to the above guy I have decided to call "King O'Bscure I."

He was put to work as a swineherd and probably did a fine job at that dirty task until he decided to sneak away six years later...

250 Things That Just Are Not True! (Continued): "The Military Has Been Cut To The Bone!'

By Frank Hill

Have you ever heard a defense hawk in Congress say the following?

'We can't cut any more out of our US defense budget! It has already been cut to the bone!

Oh, really?  Is that really true, Congressman, Senator, Anyone Running for President?

Bryce Harper; As American As Apple Pie

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

What made America great?

It was our swagger, our arrogance, our in-your-face, I'm better than you and I know it attitude. That's what made America great. Once upon a time our nation could not only talk the talk but, we could walk the walk.

Now, for the most part, we have become a nation of coddled babies where everyone gets rewarded for just showing up and exceptionalism is punished rather than rewarded because cheering the elite hurts the feelings of the lesser.

Well, screw that...

The Forgotten Calvin Coolidge Presidency...

 By the Left Coast Rebel

...forgotten because he was the closest philosophically to what a president should stand for:

The five tenets of Coolidgeism:

1. Constitutional Government
2. Individual Enterprise
3. Economy in Public Expenditures
4. Reduction and Reform of Taxation
5. Opposition to Aggressive War

Imagine what this nation would like like if the last Republican president had held strong to these five tenets?

Even three of the five? Raise your hand if you think a Mitt Romney presidency will uphold any of these things.

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute on Calvin Coolidge and the first spoken words of an American president caught on tape:

Here’s Coolidge in his own words. This video is historically significant since it is the first film (with sound) of an American President. The real value, however, is in the words that are being said.

More on "Silent Cal" from the Mises Institute:

So why is there such a disconnect between Coolidge’s success and his reputation? In large part, it is because he advocated individualism, as clearly spelled out in his speeches (which he composed himself), and the newspaper column he wrote after leaving the Presidency.

But while that seems appropriate for someone born on the Fourth of July, it is so distant from the modern mindset that many now cannot understand why someone who, as state Senator, Governor, Vice-President, and President viewed government intervention in broad areas of life as a problem rather than a panacea.

Further, people have attributed to Coolidge the origins of the Great Depression under Herbert Hoover, his secretary of commerce. But they have not done so because of any evidence that his policies were responsible.

Along with monetary policy blunders, the Great Depression was triggered by Hoover’s abandonment of Coolidge’s policies, in favor of disasters ranging from erecting monumental trade barriers to sharply raising tax rates.

Never was this divide between the policies of the two made clearer than when Coolidge said of Hoover: “That man has offered me unsolicited advice for six years, all of it bad.”

Calvin Coolidge may have been called “Silent Cal,” but his record brags for him, if people would bother to look honestly. Further, he closely reflected our founders’ insight in what he wrote and said, which we would truly profit from, given how far we have deviated from those ideas in modern America.

Quote of the Week and Some Thoughts

By the Left Coast Rebel

"Work banishes those three great evils, boredom, vice, and poverty."


No doubt a great quote (thanks to a family member on Facebook).

As a personal aside I am not bored in the slightest and haven't been in some time. I engage in no device(s), weekends excepted of course...

"But then something went radically wrong as California legislatures and governors built a welfare state on high tax rates, liberal entitlement benefits, and excessive regulation"

By the Left Coast Rebel

A dooming, foreboding piece in the Wall Street Journal on California -- and what the Once Golden's State's liberal-progressive slide into hell means for the rest of the country:
Long a harbinger of national trends and an incubator of innovation, cash-strapped California eagerly awaits a temporary revenue surge from Facebook IPO stock options and capital gains. Meanwhile, Stockton may soon become the state's largest city to go bust. Call it the agony and ecstasy of contemporary California. California's rising standards of living and outstanding public schools and universities once attracted millions seeking upward economic mobility. But then something went radically wrong as California legislatures and governors built a welfare state on high tax rates, liberal entitlement benefits, and excessive regulation...

(VIDEO) John Stossel at Reason Weekend 2012

By the Left Coast Rebel

More from

"At ABC, it was like, 'This is mainstream. This is correct. And then there are you whackos," said Fox Business host John Stossel.

250 Things That Just Are Not True

By Frank Hill

We saw a book recently, 'Contrary {To Popular Belief}' that pointed out the fallacy of 250 widely-held beliefs such as the 'fact' that a leap year occurs every 4 years (it doesn't occur in years not divisible by 4, 100 and 400, for some reason; 2100 A.D. for example, is not a leap year), the Earl of Sandwich 'invented' the 'sandwich' (he didn't) and 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' was a song written by John Lennon to extol the virtues of LSD (it was based on a drawing by his 4-year old son, Sean, about his friend in pre-school named 'Lucy')

We also have been engaged in long-term, on-going conversations about weighty things such as 'who is a 'true' conservative or not; do tax cuts yield more tax revenues for the government and can government really 'create' any new jobs?

Impeachment Proceedings Against Obama Have Begun

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

With the filing of H. CON. RES. 107 by Rep Walter Jones (R-NC) impeachment proceedings against Barry have begun. The resolution brought forth by Rep Jones asserts that "President Pull-Ups" abused his power when he involved the US in military actions in Libya last year.

Video - Newt Agrees With Ron Paul And Gary Johnson On Afghanistan

Via The Libertarian Patriot

Newt Gingrich on CBS Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer

Bob Schieffer - "Is it time for us to leave Afghanistan Mr Speaker?"

Newt Gingrich - "I think it is. I think we have to reassess the entire region...."

Of course Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have both been saying this for some time now.

Politics and Generation Gap

by The republican Mother

As someone born in the tail end of Gen X, I can't help but notice a few things as we talk current events. For one thing, my level of cynicism is much, much higher than those boomers who follow politics. Why is this? Well, besides having a pathological liar in my family, it would probably have to do with the common Millennial experience. Allow me to illustrate:

Individual Mandates, Freddy the Freeloader, and Health Care

By Frank Hill

Rick Santorum has been beating Mitt Romney over the head with the proverbial cane over his support for Romney Care in the state of Massachusetts during his term as Governor.

The main culprit?  'Romney's support of 'individual mandates' for everyone to be included in the system.

What is an 'individual mandate' anyway?

(VIDEO) Barack Obama, the "Diversity" Harvard Rabble Rouser

By the Left Coast Rebel

Is this as big of a deal as Obama's Reverend Wright "Goddamn America" 2008 moment?

Or, is this just kooky left-wing youthful stuff (as the lame-stream press is certainly going to say)

Super Tuesday 2012 Results: Anything But a Mitt Romney Mandate

By the Left Coast Rebel

Super Tuesday
TNOnlyShooter Flickr
Last night I watched some of the incoming Super Tuesday election numbers. It was volatile: At one point it looked like Mitt Romney was going to lose several states (which he did) as well as Ohio (which he barely squeaked by in.) Also, Virginia was too close to call, a neck-and-neck race to the finish between the only two candidates on the ballot -- Mitt RomneyCare and Ron Paul. Paul didn't win but came away from Virginia with his best percentage take yet.

The most interesting (and funny) thing for me last night was watching the talking-head pundits on Fox News twist themselves into human-like pretzels contorting away last night's results as a "victory" for the GOP's favorite socialist. Brit Hume, the "author" (of the GOP's fiscal conservative betrayal) Karl Rove and a laundry list of other lesser-names were besides themselves.

They just couldn't help themselves!

How a Fat Loudmouth Can Get Into Trouble

Well, sometimes I do.
By Grant Davies

No, I'm not referring to myself, or even that rich leftist slob who makes anti-american movies. I'm talking about the boor who sits behind a microphone and insults his political opponents day after day instead of sitting behind a keyboard and doing the same thing, like I do. It seems that Rush has become more than a little rash lately in his rant against the entitlement society.

Read the rest..

When Does The State Have A 'Legitimate State Interest' In Telling Someone What To Do

By Frank Hill

The recent furor over the Obama Administration's mandate to the Catholic Church to include birth control in any insurance plan offered by the Catholic Church to its employees has brought up a very interesting debate over the extent of what is or is not considered a 'legitimate state interest'.

President Obama and his Administration are saying that the 'state', meaning the federal government, has a 'legitimate state interest' in making sure that every women in this country has access to birth control, regardless of whether or not it violates the tenets of the sponsoring agency, in this case, the Catholic Church which opposes family planning on religious grounds...

On the Passing of Andrew Breitbart

By the Left Coast Rebel

Me with Breitbart in 2010.
I almost didn't believe it when I heard it this morning, "Andrew Breitbart has passed away from natural causes..." the faceless, emotionless AM radio correspondent said matter-of-factly.

"Good Lord," I thought as the news raced through my mind.

"How in the world could someone so young and full of life die so unexpectedly?"

I was stunned and carried the news with a heavy heart all day. I'm sure many of you did too.

I met Andrew briefly last year at a meet and greet up in Orange County, CA. My friend Donald Douglas and I were amazed at the guy's energy and zeal for fighting the good fight. As many of you know, Breitbart pioneered right-of-center so-called New Media; without his trail-blazing efforts a lot of what you see around here wouldn't even exist today...

FDR and the Corporate Socialists

by The republican Mother
Join my little study of tracing the real roots of the progressive agenda in the USA:

The Swope Plan
I think this is as revolutionary as anything that happened in this country in 1776, or in France in 1789, or in Italy under Mussolini or in Russia under Stalin.
Senator Thomas P. Gore in the National Recovery Administration Hearings, U.S. Senate Finance Committee, May 22, 1933.
That quote is essential in understanding when and how this country veered so far off course. In our last chapter, we examined the National Recovery Act, which FDR is credited with. However, this was written, as most laws in this country by other people for purposes withheld from the general public. We have so far traced the roots of corporate socialsim from FDR's great-grandpa, Clinton Roosevelt in 1841. We have learned that Bernard Beruch, who was also known in the correspondance as BM, was the architect of much of the NRA. But another player was Gerald Swope, President of General Electric and his Swope Plan, on which much of the NRA was based. After WW1, a similar plan was put in place for postwar Germany. Ironic that the Swope family was German, also. The Swope family was tight with BM and the whole New York gang. Get this:

Julian Savulescu's Bloody Evil

Julian Savulescu, editor of the prestigious Journal of Medical Ethics, wants more moms to kill their happy, healthy babies:
Both a fetus and a newborn certainly are human beings and potential persons, but neither is a ‘person’ in the sense of ‘subject of a moral right to life’. We take ‘person’ to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to her own existence some (at least) basic value such that being deprived of this existence represents a loss to her...