(VIDEO) "What if" by Judge Andrew Napolitano

By the Left Coast Rebel

This "what if" segment allegedly had something to do with Judge Andrew Napolitano getting fired from Fox Business. It aired right before he was axed.

Watch it and weep:

What if we don't have anyone so stridently independent on any television outlet any more?

Damn that independent thought stuff.

Hat-tip Moonbattery.


  1. Brilliant! And, brilliance such as this so frightens the maggots in both party hierarchies, the ruling elite in government, and the media that supports and is controlled by them it must be silenced.

  2. Thanks for bringing attention to this. I've linked you at Anti-Republican Culture.

  3. There's also a case to be made for Pat Buchanan's assertion that the airwaves are being purged of the anti-war voices in order to silence the dissent that might evolve when we engage with Iran.

  4. To echo AngelaTC's comment, Alex Jones has his theory on why The Judge got the ax.


  5. Crap. I hate it when Alex Jones agrees with me.


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