(VIDEO) Peter Suderman and Judge Napolitano on Romney's Anti-Fiscal-Conservative Credentials

 By the Left Coast Rebel

"The important thing to remember about Mitt Romney is that he's been on both sides of just about every major controversial political issue today..."

I had no idea that the first print of Romney's "No Apology" book contained this excerpt on RomneyCare the inspiration to ObamaCare:

"We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country."

Mission accomplished, it seems.

Judge Napolitano notes that Romney had this passage removed from paperback versions of the book. How telling is that?

One of the most important things our next president should do after our decades-spanning experiement with socialism (aside from getting our intrusive, overbearing out-of-control government out of our lives) is the repeal of the crown jewel of socialism -- ObamaCare.

Do you really think Romney will have any interest whatsoever in doing so? After all, it's the ideological heir-apparent to his brainchild, his Massachusetts scheme that he stands by to this day.

Oh, I forgot, Republicans want to "win" against Obama, at all costs. Too bad the cost is nominating someone who isn't much different.

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