A Sideways Look at What Really Happened on This Day in History

By Grant Davies

On this day (-1) in 1999, the biggest example of jury nullification in an important trial against a guilty defendant was witnessed when a jury of his peers decided on a not guilty verdict. No, it wasn't the famous OJ Simpson trial. It was the nationally televised trial of a perp with the street name of "Slick Willie."

With a 2/3 majority of the jury needed to find Willie guilty of lying under oath about being the recipient of multiple "Lewinskys" while in his oval shaped office, the prosecution failed to convict. Unlike other defendants who have been found guilty of receiving lots of "Ben Franklins" they weren't supposed to be getting from people who weren't supposed to be giving 'em, he got off Scot-free. Today he is the elder statesman of a political party and the toast of the town. 

The picture above shows the parties to the payoff in the office where the crime occurred.


  1. The way I look at it:

    On this day (-1) in history, the most recent glaring, drawn-out, partisan political which-hunt embarrassment for the Republican party finally came to an end. Spearheaded by Newt "Always Faithful" Gingrich, this campaign to vilify Clinton for political gain by abusing the system reserved for gross offenses by sitting leaders would leave an indelible mark on our governmental system. For Clinton, it would grant proof of the petty, childish mature of his political opponents, cover for the rest of his questionable actions, and long-lasting camaraderie with the American people, who identified with someone being abused by the legal system, fighting back, and eventually prevailing. For the government, it marked a sharp rise in partisan politics, lasting animosity between the parties, and a period where fighting the other side was far more important than helping the country.

    Heck, I'm far from a Democrat, but even I identify with Clinton in this episode, fighting back against the Republican witch-hunt. It might be a stretch, but I'd say this single event probably did more damage to the Republican cause in politics than anything else since Watergate. If Gore wasn't such a blowhard, the Democrats would have even kept the white house.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the humor.

    As to the "Republican Cause", well, since I could never tell it from the "Democrat Cause", I won't be spending any time mourning it's demise.

    Clinton was an embarrassment to the country and therefore is the rightful target of snarky humor. In the end, the joke was on us.

  3. When people accepted Clinton's behavior it marked the end of liberty and justice for all. The guy opened himself up for blackmail while sitting as President. He then sold missle tech to China which we now face against our GPS sats and Aircraft carriers. We are paying the consequences in freedom.

    One good thing to say about Obama, at least he isn't susceptable to "honey traps." He may be "down-low" but at least it hasn't been a national security issue.

  4. I agree Doo Doo, Obama is smart, he knows Michelle can kick his ass. Hillary probably set up Bill's dates to get dirt on him.


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