Obama's Solution to Energy Problems is Scum

By Proof

No. Really.

And they mocked Newt for wanting to return to the moon! And, as I noted in another place, this proposal will have to overcome the vigorous objections of PETA:
People for the Ethical Treatment of Algae.

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  1. Methinks there is a lot of grant money in the pipelines for the study of the energy possibilities of scum. I know they did it with switchgrass.
    Pretext: the world is warming and its our fault
    Reaction: we need to make fuel out of something "natural".
    Solution: Government monopoly money will be paid out to find more sources of fuel and bullcrap industries will be built around it.

  2. You rightfully brought attention to a very rare thing. Krauthammer singing Obama's praises.

    Notwithstanding the inherent absurdity of needing the government to discover and develop new technologies, people who are looking for new, more abundant energy sources are on the right track. They just don't need government force to make it evolve.


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