Obama launches Thought Police 3.0: the “Truth Team”

By the Full Metal Patriot

If you “attack President Obama's record,” you can expect this.
President Obama has quite a history of tyrannical behavior and intolerance for his critics. And it's looking like this year will be more of the same...

  • During the 2008 campaign, candidate Barack Obama spiked his followers' Kool-Aid with a website called Fight the Smears.
  • He asked Missouri law enforcement to target his political opponents who “runs a misleading TV ad” (and he would determine what was misleading, of course). And he directed his supporters to target WGN for allowing an Obama critic to speak on the air.
  • After he became president, he launched a flag@whitehouse.gov campaign in 2009 to get his supporters to snitch on people who spoke out against Obamacare.
  • The Democratic National Committee launched a similar website called “Call ’Em Out” which promised a “rain of hellfire” against Republicans for criticism against ObamaCare.
  • Last year, he launched a website called AttackWatch, designed to root out anyone who criticized his administration and provide propaganda to keep his disciples proselytizing 24/7.

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Just in time for the 2012 campaign, President Obama is relaunching his latest version of the Thought Police, this time calling them the “Truth Team.”
The Obama campaign is today beginning a new effort to enlist and educate at least 2 million supporters for a "grassroots communications team" they're calling the Truth Team.
"The goal is to ensure that when Republicans attack President Obama's record, grassroots supporters can take ownership of the campaign and share the facts with the undecided voters in their lives," the campaign said in a statement.
Under the Obama regime, there can be no dissent. Everyone must believe what Obama tells them to believe, and accept the administration's interpretation of the past four years. No matter what term Chairman Zero cloaks them with, this is nothing more than deputizing his followers to be Thought Police whose sole purpose is to tamp down any and all criticism of Obama's record of failure.

Not surprisingly, Obama's “Truth Team” is being brought to you by his union cronies:
National supporters for the organization include the National Education Association, Service Employees International Union, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and the United Steelworkers Union.
Luckily, Obama believers have mostly behaved more like Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition than actual Brownshirts. But given the Occupy movement's growing proclivity toward violence — and the history of union violence — this year's presidential campaign might get very ugly indeed when the Left's champion of Marxism gets called out on consequences of his policies.

This is just more “get in their faces” divisiveness from a man whose thin skin can't stand criticism and whose record cannot bear close examination.

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  1. You can save all the trouble President Obama. Here's the truth.

    You suck at this "Presidency" thing. Your ideology sucks and so does your performance.

    You're fired.

  2. This nonsense is another sign of this man's antics not working out in this nation. How's that community organizing thing working for you, Barry?

    I heard someone on talk radio refer to Chairman O as the "occupier in the White House." I think that about sums it up. Great post, thanks for the cross-post!

  3. Glad you liked it. And thanks for the opportunity to share the post.


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