Mitt Romney: He's not a witch...

Romney: He's You!

As Mitt Romney struggles to connect with ordinary Republican voters, he seems to be having a Christine O'Donnell crisis.

Is he an out-of-touch rich guy? No, he's focused on the middle class. Is he a white guy? Well, yes, but he'd like to be Hispanic!

He's not rich...
He's nothing you’ve heard.
He's you.
None of us are perfect.
But none of us can be happy with what we see all around us.

For Pete's sake, he's running for office...
He’ll go to Washington as a middle-class, progressive, pro-life, anti-Reagan Hispanic wannabe -- to do what you would do.
He's Mitt Romney and he approves this message.
He's you!


  1. Ya, he stuck his foot in his mouth on that one. Just leave out the I'm not worried regarding the very poor or very rich.

  2. Romney's statement (had you carefully listened to him) acknowledged the safety net and that he would fix it. You can't honestly pin this on the guy. Although the Dems and republican Romney haters will try.

    1. I have a major problem with "fixing" the safety net. Does this mean an expansion? Because for progressives, "fixing" is expanding. And Romney is a progressive.

    2. These are two separate issues. On the one hand while expanding the safety net is for lawmakers (duly elected) to debate and vote on. On the other hand Romney's remark should not be used to trash him by the progressives and some conservatives, or so called. Win the day based on real issues.

      The failure of both sides to do so frankly is beginning to bore me.

  3. There are only three people who will sit in the Oval Office next year: Comrade Obama, Newt the whore and Romney.

    Romney is the only one with character. He did not feed at the beltway trough and has a solid family life. That counts for a lot.

  4. The sad think about Romney's comments is that he was apparently trying to identify with the middle class. But the comments made him look even more out of touch -- and awkward. Romney doesn't pander well. Maybe that's because he doesn't believe what he's saying. Who does?

    Populism fail.


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