Is Obama from Keynesa?

By Grant Davies

Did you hear the one about the economist who walks into a bar with an imbecile on his arm? The bartender asks him.......


  1. Great find, reminds me of the Howard Stern segment back in 2008 where Howard's producer goes around Times Square asking Obama supporters (or the general public) if and why they support Obama's "pro-life policies" and Obama's running mate Sarah Palin. The Obama kool-aid-drinkers find a way to agree with Veep Palin and Obama's pro-life position, I kid you not.

  2. Here's the link (language warning)

  3. I know, it's sad. People just root for "their team", the issues are basically irrelevant.

  4. Have you seen my new Blog? It launched today.

    1. No, I didn't, what's the URL? Is it a branch off of WhatIThinkAndWhy?

  5. It's a non-political site. Just for fun, hopefully for profit at some point. If you like it, maybe a little link love?


  6. Cool idea; I like the "on this day" theme. Sounds like a lot of work for you but a lot different from the grind of politics 24/7. I'd be glad to provide some link love.

  7. Great! I have a good one ready for tomorrow.

    It's actually a little less work. It takes less time for me to write and I'm happy writing for fun instead of pounding my brains out trying to convince the unconvince-able with exactly the right words.

    It leaves more room for creativity. And you can be sure I'll sneak a little editorial content in.

    A link would be much appreciated.


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