If Mitt Romney is the GOP Nominee is it Possible He Might Choose Rand Paul as Veep?

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By the Left Coast Rebel

Is a Rand Paul veep scenario possible?

 Per last night's debate, Rick Santorum thinks something's up and I've considered it somewhat possible for a little while as well; I'm not the only one that has considered this though, the Romney/Rand Paul veep rumor has been swirling the savvy side of the independent-minded pool for a bit now.

To tell you the truth, I've been very suspicious about just how kid gloves-ish Ron Paul is with Mitt Romney, (and vice versa) especially concerning the debates and attack ads from both campaign teams. Have you seen any anti-Romney Paul or anti-Paul Romney ads lately?

Neither have I.

The two don't go after each other like you think they should/would and it doesn't add up.

Anyway, Mitt Romney picking Rand Paul sounds plain insane you say?

Does it really?
First off, a local Kentucky radio show has Rand Paul saying that "he would be honored" to serve as veep in a Republican administration. Did Senator Rand Paul tip his hand today?

Think of this scenario: the primaries are over; Romney is short of delegates but Ron Paul has enough to put him over the top for the nomination. Envision additional likely scenarios where Romney would either need some of the support/delegates that Paul will have scooped up if the race continues to be as tight as it has been. Remember that Paul is the only not-Romney candidate that, a). has a consistent, growing strong following, and b). is the only candidate that is not the not-Romney flavor of the month.

Thus, it comes down to this: Has Romney promised Rand to Ron as a "don't-go-at-my-throat-and-I'll-promise-you-this" olive branch?

Stranger promises -- and bedfellows -- have been made. Nevertheless, one of the biggest problems with the possibility of this scenarios is the ideological chasm that separates Mitt Romney and Ron/Rand Paul. It's not yawning, it's gaping. They just don't have that much in common. On another note, how many Paul supporters would support Romney even with his son Rand on the ticket? I'm guessing not many; if anything it would be viewed as a sellout to Ron Paul's ardent supporters.

Anyway I have to run but I'll leave you with this: I just simply love this comment at The Daily Caller article breaking the news that Rand Paul would be more than happy to be considered vice president; it's about his father's "crazy uncle" or "nuts" meme among Republican voters and is one of the best comments I have seen in a long, long time...
A lot of people call Ron Paul nuts, but not many have ever accused him of not telling the truth, so does that mean he's nuts because he tells the truth? If not that, then is it the way Ron Paul thinks that makes him nuts? If that is the case then exactly which one of those thoughts is the thought that makes the way he thinks nuts? I don't know if I agree completely with Ron Paul, it all seems very different from what we are doing now, I don't know how I'd feel if I were able to wake up one day and the Federal government was a lot less involved in my life, my business, my kid's education, my health, home and car insurance, my utility bills, the food I eat, what I watch on TV...... I think it would be strange....... and yet somehow it would feel as though it were meant to be that way...... almost as though it were written down someone, on a piece of parchment, under glass, in a place known as the National Archives.
Read that comment again and let it sink in. It's brilliant, it really is.


  1. Brilliant indeed!... However I did not have to read the comment again as I have understood this all of my cognitive life. As I am sure many millions do.

  2. wow that's a great comment.

    Think about it, Ron Paul and Mittens are both the only GOP candidates on the VA ballot. Their common enemy right now is Rick and Newt. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is going on here.

    1. Yup, I'm going to have to get some extra popcorn to see how this plays out!

  3. I think that Paul wants to be the anti-Romney candidate, and therefore has to go after the reigning anti-Romney candidate. And as much as it devastates me to say it, there's no reason for Romney to go after Ron - Paul isn't winning.

    1. Also if Mitt went after Ron right now, that would put Ron's name in the media and they sure don't want that. Remember that Ron is second in the delegate count right now, which is not being reported except over in the Guardian.


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