Elizabeth Emken for US Senate

By Proof

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No, this is not the start of a new feature, "Wednesday Morning Babes", it's what we might hope is the beginning of a new era, one marked without Dianne Feinstein in the US Senate.

Meet Elizabeth Emken. She's a 48 year old mother of three, graduate of UCLA, who will be running against Dianne Feinstein for the US Senate from California.

From her website:

For over a decade Elizabeth Emken has served as an advocate for developmentally disabled children, most recently as Vice President for Government Relations at Autism Speaks, the Nation's largest science and advocacy organization devoted to the public health emergency of autism.

Before becoming active with the autism issue, Elizabeth served in management, financial analysis, and corporate operations at IBM. As an efficiency and cost cutting expert, Elizabeth utilized activity-based cost analyses to identify administrative savings across IBM U.S. – helping streamline operations, eliminate waste, and save the company millions of dollars.

Wow. If only she could bring those skills to bear on the federal government! Defeating a well heeled incumbent is usually an uphill battle. Perhaps this is the year that proves the exception to the rule? With all that is at stake, 2012 is the year to remember that "Our Time, Our Talent and Our Treasure" will be needed to give to take this country back!

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  1. Anyone, and I mean anyone who runs against DiFi has my vote, whether in the primary or the general. Same goes for Boxa.

  2. Did Ms. Emken's team endlessly debate the pros and cons of the flag label pin, like Team Barry did? Inquiring minds need to know.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  3. Portia: Good point.

    LaS: Don't forget the cross she's wearing, too!

  4. One can only hope she does a better job than Fiorina. There is no reason Boxer should have won, and DiFi is a lot more popular than Boxer. We need to break the stranglehold of Demonrat power in this state.

  5. I know about living with autism. I have a cat.

    It doesn't matter if you elect a dozen reps just like this one, the dye is cast. We are screwed!. The mess is so big and so entrenched that only a few years of heavy gunfire and a political coup will have any chance of fixing what's wrong with America.

    Anything else is merely a changing of the snouts in the trough.


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