Don'tcha Wish There Was an Oil Man in the White House Now?

By Proof

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Remember how, just a few years back, when we had a real president, every time the price of gasoline would go up, you could count on some liberal to screech about how Bush and Cheney were "oil men" and they were just "helping their buddies in the oil bidness"? (Actually, they didn't say "bidness". They weren't cool enough to pull it off!) Wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that!

And now we have in the White House, a man who's never been in any kind of business and the prices have gone up even faster. How can that be? Does Obama have friends in the oil bidness, too? What's his excuse?

And then, there was Nancy Pelosi. When she assumed the speakership, gas was around $1.80- $2.00 a gallon. She was outraged! And she pledged that her Democrat controlled House would "do something about it"! I guess we should have asked her to be a little more specific about what they were going to do!

And two dirty little secrets, one, Democrat social planners have been advocating raising taxes on gasoline to drive the price up to five dollars a gallon, to reduce gasoline consumption (and keep us all poorer). And two, government already pulls in more cash from a gallon of gas than oil companies make in profits.

Look at this chart from Daily Markets last year:

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State and Federal gas taxes combined, take 26 to 68 cents a gallon and funnels it straight to the government. Oil company profits are around two per cent, and those evil SOBs are just out to screw you.

So, let me get this straight...the people who stand to make the most from high oil prices are...the government tax collectors. And some politicians want to demonize the people who actually bust their hump to bring the energy to you, when the government levies taxes twenty five times as high as oil company profits, on every gallon of gas you buy. As our progressieve friends like to say, the gas taxes are regressive taxes that hit the poor hardest. The poor pay proportionally more for gas to look for work or to commute to a job than the upper or middle classes. Why doesn't some good liberal suggest lowering the gas tax? Because it is a cash cow for government. And as long as they can keep the common folk focusing on how evil Big Oil is, they'll keep spending. But, think about it...if Exxon/Mobil is making millions off their two cent much more is Big Government siphoning out of your pocket every day?

Vote your pocketbook this November. We can't afford the cost of the Green Utopia Obama and his social planners have picked out for us. Some people are putting Post-it notes on the gas pumps: "How's that hope and change working out for you?" But, whenever you drive down the street, point out all those gas signs to your friends as political advertisements for Anybody but Obama.

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