"The conservative movement has been sick for the past decade. The further it became absorbed within the Republican Party, the less it could shine with conservative ideas...

By the Left Coast Rebel

...It compromised with itself because it had become part of the Republican Party and was as much about the acquisition of political power as it was about advocating particular policy."

Writes Eric Erickson:

I am afraid supporting Mitt Romney will undo a lot of the repairs made to the conservative movement in the past few years. Already people are defending inherently not conservative ideas by calling them conservative. Already people are too willing to keep their mouth shut to do no harm to the party and, in the process, are doing harm to the intellectual capital built up within the conservative movement.

Ann Coulter’s defense of Romneycare, released on the same day Romney rejected years of conservative arguments against the social safety net and the welfare state, is a canary in the coal mine. We are returning to that point where the voters decided they could no longer trust conservatives to be principled.

Hat-tip Leslie Eastman
The context of Erickson's post is a counter to right-wing hack Ann Coulter's ludicrous blitzkrieg media pom-pom promotion of RomneyCare (and RINO Romney, which is another discussion in itself).

An aside on Coulter: as any independent-minded thinker has probably come to the conclusion of, I must say this -- what a disgusting example of principle-less Republican crap-tastic hackery this woman is. Just who put her on the Romney payroll and how much money did she sell her soul for? How many pieces of silver did it cost to sell her soul? I guess that we shouldn't be surprised the depths that anyone that would date Bill Maher and Bob Guccione, Jr. would go.

I digress, this is good too, from Erickson (emphasis mine):
Leaders and strong voices within the conservative movement have an obligation to speak up in favor of, so to speak, true north within conservative principles and then leave it to the politicians to decide how far away from true north they must drift to build a coalition to enact policy.

Debasing ourselves with silly defenses of Republicans along with a willingness to put party politics ahead of principle will, yet again, see voters rejecting conservatives.

Erickson's post mirrors a lot of the thoughts expressed time and time again across the intertubes: most of us in our own way have echoed a version of Reagan's, "I didn't leave the Democrat party, the Democrat party left me," except in our collective cases the Republican party left us.

Over the last decade we have witnessed the GOP not only caving in to the big-government ideology of the Democrat party, but willingly advancing the statist-socialist agenda. Look no further than $15-16 (which one is it?) trillion in debt to substantiate this. We didn't get there all because of the Democrat party, folks.

Today's despicable Republican bear-hug Romney embrace is the current final straw for us too. It truly shows that the establishment -- and many ignorant, unassuming GOP voters acquiescing to the mind-numbing amount of "inevitable" Romney propaganda from the establishment left/right media -- really aren't that much better or different than the "crazy" socialist Democrats.

In caving on Romney as the perceived standard bearer of "conservative" principles, conservatives forgo their principles and will likely lose the election. And even if they win, they win nothing and set (once again) the limited government movement within the Republican party back years, discredit the Republican party and conservative movement (which the public will perceive as one and the same, which it is not) and perhaps place the Republican party firmly atop the ash heap of history.

The bright side of this extremely likely scenario is that the GOP's death may usher in a powerful coalition of fiscal conservatives, independents and libertarians dedicated to the vision set forth by a true fiscal conservative third party in this nation.

It's only a matter of time and there's always New Mexico governor Gary Johnson running on the Libertarian party ticket, this year, too.

Millions will say, "sign me up" on November 6, 2012.


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    1. Thanks Danny, I can't believe how eager conservative are to abandon their principles.

  2. Terrific post. I have kept a low profile with regard to the current Republicans candidates and watched in horror. The other day I was asked who my favorite is by people who trust me on the matter. Hemming and hawing insued.

  3. Tim, the last ten years? The fact is there have been few principled conservatives since Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan in his early years.

    And the so called "social conservatives", which is the official nomenclature for the fundies, make me sick. They, and their bought political hacks present a by far greater threat to liberty than Obama or socialism itself.

    Thoughts from a truly rational independent thinker.

  4. "The bright side of this extremely likely scenario is that the GOP's death may usher in a powerful coalition of fiscal conservatives, independents and libertarians dedicated to the vision set forth by a true fiscal conservative third party in this nation."

    Sign me up now!

    Reb, this is a must read for every limited government supporter. You have outdone yourself with this post. Thanks for gracing TLP with your fine work too.

    1. Hey Chris, sign me up now, too! Thanks for the kudos my friend.


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