Clarence Thomas for President?

 By the Left Coast Rebel

This is a liberal-biased piece but it raises a serious and interesting question: could Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas be a brokered-convention candidate coming up?

Daily Beast:

Unlike the flip-flopping Mitt Romney, Thomas is a true conservative who could appeal to all of the segments of the Republican coalition. Tea Partiers would see Thomas as one of their own. Not only has he been a consistent voice to curtail the power of the federal government but his wife Ginni, a Tea Party activist herself, has been a leader in the fight to repeal Obama’s healthcare reform law. Wall Street Republicans would be buoyed by Thomas’s opposition to environmental regulation and his free market philosophy.  [...]

Thomas is also very smart. When he first joined the Supreme Court, some people thought he would just mimic Justice Antonin Scalia, the intellectual leader of the Court’s conservative wing. Over the years, however, Thomas has become a powerful voice for his brand of constitutional conservatism and has proven himself a more devout believer in originalism than even Scalia. Today, it seems as if Scalia is more likely to follow Thomas.

I'm not remotely familiar with historical precedent in a case like this where a Supreme Court Justice runs for President (as in I'm certain it has never happened). Of course he would have to resign -- and Obama would thus replace him with a leftist-looter -- so I'm sure this fact would weigh heavily on Justice Thomas's conscience.

Who knows?

As insane, horrifying, alarming and preposterous as the GOP Presidential race is/has become, stranger things could happen. I would cheer it on which is precisely why this will most likely never happen.

Via Memeorandum.


  1. Interesting as well as intriguing. I am quite uncertain how I view this hypothetical scenario. Losing a man of reason from the bench to be possibly replaced by a less rational person could have far and lasting consequences. Certainly not a attractive idea.

    1. I think I agree with you, Les. I love and respect Thomas; he should likely remain just where he is, after all a presidential run is anything but a certain bet and he has a lot of sway -- as a man of reason -- on the SCOTUS.

  2. Wishful thinking. -1 conservative +1 liberal on the court, and a political novice for the GOP nomination.

  3. Although it is conceivable that Thomas would pick his own successor. He would not become president until after the election with a lame duck congress. With that in mind the proper question is who would Thomas pick as his successor, and THAT person may be a good brokered convention candidate.

    1. Could Thomas hang on the seat until the inauguration? If so he'd be an intriguing possibility. He's shown he can withstand a high tech lynching.


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