'You Might Be A Small Government Conservative If You....

By Frank Hill

...are for Raising the Ages of Eligibility for Medicare and Social Security!' as described in a recent CBO blog by the Director of the CBO.

We have always enjoyed the comedy of Jeff Foxworthy of 'You Might Be A Redneck' fame. (You know who you are. We went to school with you when you bragged about being a redneck!)

But what we are really having difficulty figuring out is who is really and truly for 'less government'. The book would be pretty small if it was called 'You Might Be A Small Government Conservative If....'

Would it be the GOP? 'You might be a small government conservative if you cut spending and balanced the budgets every now and then!'

Raucous laughter in the audience.

Is it the Tea Party? If so, perhaps they will adopt the age 70 retirement age as a solid plank in their platform going forward. Has anyone seen any Tea Party advocate do this? If so, please steer them our way.

Is it President Obama and the current Democratic Party? (Sorry. In the interests of fairness we just had to ask full well knowing the answer is a resounding 'No!')

Raising the retirement ages almost immediately to 70 (the Early Retirement Age would have to be raised precipitously as well) would flush out the 'true conservatives' from all the pretenders it seems to us.

Reason #1 is the fact that 'true conservatives' supposedly don't want government programs and certainly not 'welfare'. (SS and Medicare are not trust funds or any sort of 'actual' investments when funds are invested to grow and be taken out later for each individual)

Every SS $ received by you will be just a dollar taken out of your children's tax payment to Washington every other week; a dollar taken from another trillion or so borrowed from the Chinese in more debt or from money just 'made up out of thin air' by the Fed if the dollar is still in currency in 2025 or so.

#2 is the fact that 'true conservatives' want smaller government and balanced budgets. Right? Is that still correct? We are asking.

Raising the retirement age is a triple, if not a home run, for 'true conservatives' then!

Raise your hand if you are willing to adopt that as a critical plank in the new political majority that is budding out there.

Implementing the higher age thresholds for both Medicare and Social Security on a phased-in basis will solve close to a minimum of 16% of the long-term budget deficit problem just by doing those two things alone by 2035. Accelerating the hike to age 70 in both Medicare and SS in the next 10 years may solve close to 50% of our structural deficit problems.

People will say: 'You can't make everyone wait til 70 to retire!'

Ok, you are right. Offer exemptions due to physical and mental health conditions. You are most likely going to have to work to age 70 anyway due to the financial losses incurred over the past 4 years in your retirement plans.

Honestly, who in the later Baby Boom Generation and younger has ever really believed Social Security was going to be there for them anyway when they retired? Many people have long planned for zero Social Security benefits in retirement.

Take a look at what the CBO Director has to say about this important issue. We have reprinted it below to make it extremely easy for you to read and not ignore.

Continue reading the CBO Director's report here.


  1. Heck of an idea and a very good one. I say we take the retirement age at SS inception and the life expectancy age, then create a ratio. Take the ratio and calculate the correct retirement age based on the founding of this socialist program. I just wonder what that number would be. I am betting it would be closer to 75 than 70. At this point we need to follow the Chile method of retirement planning by taking the retirement fund out of the hands of the criminals in Washington and back into the individual's control. This would also pit the government vs. bankers for control of the money. The government would try to get a cut through regulation and the banks would try to evade the tax man. Could be a very interesting result and might actually mean we the people would actually benefit from the over 6% payroll tax for a change.

  2. Last time I looked it wasn't a conservative trait for the government "Lucy" to pull the SS football away from the individual "Charlie Brown" just as he was going to kick it after paying in over a lifetime.

    But then again, I'm not a conservative because they keep changing the definition everyday.

  3. I've been for this idea for almost 20 years but no one listens. Worked until I was 72.5 and only retired then because if I retired a month later the public employee retirement plan under which I worked would have paid me a few cents less an hour [on average] for the first four retired years. That seemed counter-intuitive, so I pulled the plug. If it had been a few cents more I would have continued. It wasn't the amount, so much, as the principle of the thing.

  4. Why don't we end it? Transfering wealth from poorer young people to wealthier older people... conservatives and liberals should both be opposed.

  5. Ending it would be good, right after all those who have been defrauded have been made whole of course.

    It will never happen though. Neither Democrats or Republicans are interested.

    Best case scenario, it would be privatized. Worse case will probably happen though, monetizing the debt. It's their only way out.

    End of the currency when they do.

  6. So the CBO is predicting " a reduction in the budget deficit of nearly 1 percent of GDP," by 2035. Better than nothing, but I'm not sure their long term predictions hold much water, because the politicians always muck everything up by then.

  7. Angela,
    Not to quibble, but it might not be better than nothing because if that's the best they can do, the deficit will be irrelevant in 2035 because the country will have collapsed by then under the weight of the debt.


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