Why Pay Speech Writers When You Can Just Cut and Paste the Last One?

By Grant Davies

I wouldn't usually regurgitate a GOP talking point, or for that matter one of their videos, but in the spirit of taking my cues from our esteemed President, I'm posting a video that compares last night's State of the Union address (really just a campaign speech on the taxpayers' dime) with the one he gave last year. And actually the year before that as well. The wording is almost the same in most of the cases, and in a few, it's exact. I hope he got a discount from his speech writer.

If it's good enough for the country to have regurgitated speeches, it's good enough for the readers of this blog to have regurgitated political gotchas.

To tell the truth, I didn't watch the speech because I knew it would be like all the rest. And the thought of it just made me want to regurgitate puke.

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