(VIDEO) Joe Scarborough on Newt Gingrich, "Not a Conservative but an Opportunist like Mitt Romney"

By the Left Coast Rebel

The South Carolina primary results make it patently obvious that the Republican base (at least in that state and now Florida) is revolting against the statist power-broking power structure that has emaculated ultra-liberal-progressive Mitt Romney as the 2012 "choice" against the Democrat's emaculated ultra-liberal-progressive, Obama.

Former rep. Joe Scarborough was on Meet the Press yesterday with a message to conservatives:

--"Newt Romney is not a conservative, Google it"


"Newt is not a conservative, but here's the problem: neither is Mitt Romney. The Republican establishment in Washington gave us 5 trillion of debt during the Bush era..."

"The conservative movement is saying, 'NO, STOP; Gingrich is not going to be our final chance but we are not handing this off to Mitt Romney..."

Interesting. Scarborough is an inconsistent, limelight-seeking, pompous, bloviating un-conservative blowhard but this really hits the ball out of the park.

Hat-tip Jerry Doyle show.


  1. I LOVE Jerry Doyle. He's a real breath of fresh air. Also, there is this fun tidbit:
    Newtie wanted a censored internet in 2006. He'll say anything if the money's right.

  2. I saw that link a few days ago. Wow! Could things be any crazier? Doyle is great, here in San Diego I am stuck with Sean Vanity (vomit) and a local gal that's great. For the life of me I can't find an app (or another way to listen to), the Jerry Doyle show. If I can get it on the phone (I am streaming a station in Nebraska, lol) I will listen every day!

  3. Ttalkstream live has become my friend.
    No need to hear the nasal one -Shammity.

  4. Gingrich is a big government moderate, but he'll be portrayed as a conservative because most of the self-appointed elites of journ-o-list think Obama is a moderate and anyone slightly to his right is a conservative.

    1. The Journolist types (that control the media) present a truly distorted view of the candidates, RK.

    2. That said, Scarborough isn't really attacking Gingrich because Gingrich is too liberal, but because he's not liberal enough. I seriously doubt that Scarborough is pulling for Paul or Santorum. What we're witnessing here is the libs and the statist moderates creating their own version of Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos."

  5. Same Joe Scarborough who had a man-crush on Huntsman?

    Isn't this kind of scraping?


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