Ron Paul Spotted in Oceanside, California....

By the Left Coast Rebel

At least a very enthusiastic Ron Paul supporter. Spotted @ Vista Way and the 78 freeway today (click to embiggen):

I took this shot with the new iPhone the wife bought. The phone is so handy and easy to use that I think I will start uploading more stuff here going forward.

About 10 minutes prior to spotting this Paul sign, I passed a dilapidated 1970s-era van literally plastered with anti-Obama stickers. Socialism sucks, Nancy Pelosi needs to go home! and dozens of other anti-liberal messages adorned the guy's humble ride.

"Nice," I thought. "What a change from 2008 Hope-and-Change-bumper-sticker-mania here in San Diego."

Then, literally less than a quarter mile up the freeway I passed a mid-2000s Cadillac packed to the gills with seniors (no, not Señor citizens; we have plenty of those here too); rather senior citizens -- the kind of folks most likely heading to a BINGO! competition at one of the Indian reservation casinos -- when I spotted Obama 2012 plastered all over the once-shiny-chrome bumper.

From lawn campaign signs to bumper stickers and everything in between; that's today's polarity of political identity.

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