Ron Paul Fan Hangs Banners Above Interstate 78 in Vista, Oceanside and San Marcos, California

By the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday I drove back and forth (making deliveries, etc.) from Encinitas to San Marcos, here in San Diego. Early in the morning (6 A.M. or so) I noticed a couple of large REVOLUTION! (but with the evol backwards, of course) Paul banners hanging on the overpass fence barrier, directly facing traffic (both east and west) on interstate 78.

Later in the afternoon the banners had vanished, perhaps taken down by some mysterious leftist or most likely by some CA Highway busybody-type, after all anyone that drives here in SoCAl knows that CalTrans doesn't have anything better to do with their time...

Ron Paul banner @ Melrose in Vista

This one was already coming loose early in the morning, Escondido Ave, Vista

This one probably got the most eyeballs: Twin Oaks in San Marcos
Seeing these banners across North County, San Diego begs a simple question: why haven't I ever seen a MITT ROMNEY!!! sign, bumper sticker -- or anything -- here in San Diego?

In my mind it's simply more anecdotal evidence that not only is Mitt Romney not a conservative, he can't win against Obama because of a massive, gaping enthusiasm gap. Many limited government advocates won't hold their collective noses and vote for him later this year. The youth especially won't either. He's just too similar to Obama.

And he will lose because of that, regardless of the results tonight in Florida.

Updated: I just now thought of an interesting idea for bumper stickers, banners, etc. to get this message across:

Romney/Obama 2012



  1. Romney excites few people who actually take the time to study the issues. Doing the same thing and expecting different results will not do this time.

  2. A sad republican field indeed (Ron Paul excluded of course). As you hammer away at Mittens LCR I hammer away at the slithering slimy statist snake Newtie. As to Santorum, he ain't worth the time or trouble. He ain't got a whiff of a chance.

    So, where does that really leave us after the nominating process of the big "R" statist party and the big "D" statist party?

    Obama or Johnson. I know who will get my vote in the general.


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