Romney's Bain Helped Obama With Auto Bailout

Revealed: Bain & Company advised Obama on auto bailout, recommended cutting dealerships...

Does it matter that Romney hasn’t worked for Bain & Company in nearly 20 years or are the optics of this one bad enough to make it newsworthy regardless?

...The NYT reported recently that to this day, as part of the deal he negotiated when he left, Romney still gets a share of Bain Capital’s profits.
Uhm, let's see... Romney's cronies at Bain (a company Romney co-founded) worked with Obama on Obama's fiat-market, counter-capitalist, union-appeasing, jobs-killing auto bailout. Does that look bad? Why yes, yes it surely does.

Call it the Obamney Bailout.

...this is what really ticks me off. We're told what a great capitalist Romney is and if we attack him, we're attacking capitalism. So, then why did his firm engage in so much socialism and still manage to screw up businesses, after pocketing tons of cash for themselves? This doesn't sound like the kind of capitalism I believe in. The taxpayers often took part of Romney's risk, or bailed out his mistakes, as with a pension fund, but he always managed to feather his own nest pretty damned well. This is what's wrong with America, not what's worth defending...
Stay tuned...


  1. I dismiss, am horrified and dismayed by the leftist-esque GOP attacks against Romney for frankly following some of the unpleasant requirements of a large-scale business investment firm. For example: firing people, shuttering ineffective/unprofitable firms acquired (or unprofitable divisions within a company), trimming the fat, etc. However, Bain making the buck off crony capitalism? Now that's something I can sink my teeth into. I guess it makes sense that Mittens (literally) Freudian slip that his business ventures were similar to Obama's GM/Chrysler socialist takeovers.

    1. Added: It still makes me queasy to hear "conservatives" attack him for making a profit, though. There has to be a serious distinction between what the left calls "ruthless" capitalism (in other words: making money in any form) and the evil that is crony capitalism.

  2. Cash for Clunkers is still going in CA as VAVR :

  3. Cash for Clunkers is still going in CA as VAVR :

  4. Cash for Clunkers is still kicking in CA as VAVR:

  5. @LCR I share your concerns. Newt ads are running on the radio waves in my area and they make me cringe. The attacks are coming from an anti-biz populist angle. I'm not happy with that.

    However, looking at how Mitt has defended Romneycare coercion as "market-based," I have had suspicions about the virtues of his adventures in "capitalism" with Bain, etc.

    Mitt's roots in government are deep and his aristocratic idea of free-market capitalism is grossly distorted.

  6. I've heard the same ads here in San Diego and like you, they make me cringe. I share your concern re: Mitten's distorted definition of the free-market capitalism as well.


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