Rep. Allen West is Correct On the GOP Leadership: Pathetic, Indecisive, Incompetent and Damaging to the Tea-Party Cause (my words but read on...)
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By the Left Coast Rebel

Even though he has disappointed us, Allen West (R-FL) is still one of the bright stars of congress with a potentially exciting future ahead of him (as long as he sticks to his beliefs).

The DC has West's shot across the bow of the GOP's pathetic, corrupt, inane, throw-in-the-towel, fold-like-a-cheap-suit congressional leadership:

Rep. Allen West said Friday morning that he’s steamed at how the House GOP leadership did not “stand against” what he calls the “pathetic policy” that came out of the payroll tax cut extension last month.

Asked during a radio interview with WMAL‘s Morning Majority host Brian Wilson about how he feels about Speaker of the House John Boehner, West said, “I was very upset about what happened with this payroll tax cut extension.”

The Florida Republican complained about how the House GOP leadership “sold us down the road” and ditched “a good piece of legislation that took care of it for one year,” by accepting the Senate’s “two-month extension which was absolutely pathetic policy.”

“I mean, we can’t do tax policy that way,” he said.

West said he plans to make it an issue when he returns to Congress.
Allen West is correct. Unfortunately this is not the first blatant infraction and disregard that Boner, Cantor and the other republican leadership half-wits have committed against the Tea Party and the general public that put them in the majority only last year. They were given power because We the People resoundingly stood up against the Obama Machine's historic overreach.

But they have failed even more epically than I thought possible. They must step down -- and particularly the weak-knee'd Boner -- and thus make way for individuals that care more about the nation's future than New York Times headlines and the DC statist spin machine.

The biggest threat to this nation now is not a socialist president, but rather an "opposition" party that "opposes" the big-government demo-socialists yet just hands them everything they want on a silver platter. Maybe this is how things always have happened in DC but given our dire national circumstances today, we cannot afford "business as usual" in the Republican party.

Here's audio of Allen West's thoughts transcribed above:


  1. Couldn't agree more. LCR, who do you think is the best person to challenge Obama? Just curious and seeking counsel from another conservative I can trust!

  2. Love his shirt, I am wearing the same one right now.

  3. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against the party leadership. The GOP insiders club is still fighting hard against the tea party insurgency... and they're winning.

  4. RK: It does and I unfortunately agree with you: the GOP statists are winning but only because well intentioned folks are letting them do so.

  5. "well intentioned folks are letting them do so"

    To a great extent, that's certainly true. But well-intentioned folks are out-manned, less organized and underfunded.

  6. Indeed, When the choice is Romney or Santorum in the general my vote goes to whomever is the Libertarian candidate.

    Statism is statism.

  7. Let's see how many more TEA Party foot soldiers get elected to the House in 2012. LAS detects a strong possibility for a "draft Bachmann for Speaker" movement in the 113th. (You can't get around the plain fact the warm bodies need to have some experience with how the place works to be effective in the the top jobs. So, let's not forget there are some top flight conservatives who have toiled a few sessions as the minority in the minority. But they'll need more elected newbies not already bought and sold by old favors.)

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  8. As I recall the only candidate to mention the TEA party inject them into the discussion in the last debates was Governor Rick Perry. He pointed out why the Republicans won in 2010.

    Frank Rich Obama’s Foreign Policy Hasn’t Been A total Failure, accuses Rick Perry of wanting to invade Iraq again VIDEO.

    A Bat Out Of Hell, that’s how I would describe our exit from Iraq. Unfortunately we left Iraq, without a Status Of Forces Agreement.

  9. I'm not sure who I'll end up voting for, but I'm sure it won't be George W Santorum.


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