Post-Iowa Caucus Analysis

By the Left Coast Rebel

Mitt Romney wins the Iowa caucuses by 6 votes -- yes, 6 -- but by the sound of it the lamestream media would have you believe last night's results officially prove he is now the official shoe-in. I thought he was the shoe-in before? And how is it that after millions of dollars and the "best and brightest" insider tacticians and advisors, Mitt didn't even eclipse his 2008 Iowa performance?

No Surprise: Big-governement statist John McCain is going to endorse.... drumroll.... (who do you think?).

Did you know: Even though Ron Paul came in third last night, he may still have walked away with as many delegates as Romney and Santorum.

Brain freeze: What does last night mean for the republican party limited government movement?

The High Plains Pundit provides some clarity:

The caucuses just made one thing crystal clear - that there are three factions competing for the heart and leadership of the Republican Party:

1. The establishment, which includes the statists, neocons and other hawks, and moderates-'pragmatists.'

2. Social conservatives.

3. Libertarians and fiscal conservatives.

Each of these factions has its standard-bearer, and the votes split fairly evenly along those lines. The 29% of voters who voted for someone else? We'll see what camps they land in.

The nomination fight will also decide the tone of the Republican Party for the next legislative cycle, and that tone will be the precursor for the nation's future. Success will take the nation in that direction. Failure will drag the other factions down, and put the nation back in the hands of the Dem statists.

It's getting ever more interesting.

If the Republicans fail to fix the nation this time around, they will be routed in the next two elections, and we will witness the rise of an even more statist Democratic candidate, a recapture of Congress by the Democrats, and the history of a double failure by the Republicans ensuring that the next batch of small government people will be dismissed.

Obamacare will morph into socialized medicine, a VAT will be instituted to capture revenue that income tax rate increases cannot, bureaucracy at all levels will grow, and the USA will go the route of the European social democracies.

And, since our debt is in dollars, there will not be the external pressure that Greece and other nations are facing to get our house in order. Inflation will ensue which, combined with both income and consumption taxes, will turn the USA into a second-tier nation and make us all poorer.
Sobering. To be updated.

Updated @ 9:30 A.M. PST, just heard Rush Limbaugh say this on the radio: "Rick Santorum does not believe in the big government of Barack Obama, it's a totally different thing for him." And, "there is not a republican out there that is big-government like the left is big-government."

Is Rush joking? Two words for Limbaugh: Cognitive dissonance.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess Rush isn't aware of, or doesn't want you to see, this:

Just because Rick Santorum isn't Mitt Romney doesn't mean he's a limited government conservative. More at Reason here.


  1. .

    Some one once said, 'principles matter'.

    Which Santorum principle do you agree with most?

    BTW - It is a great idea that the RepublicanT Party nominate Mr Santorum. Run Rick Run.

    Ema Nymton

  2. Good analysis. Unfortunately, there is no perfect candidate this year. Even now, I still would have preferred Paul Ryan but no need to looking back. The bottom line is beating Obama in November, and I will back whoever is the nominee. The real question is: if Ron Paul is not the nominee, will they back whoever is? It all boils down to that.

  3. Heh.."Two words for Limbaugh: Cognitive dissonance." I can think of a few other
    word pairs....


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