Obama States Choose Romney

More good news for Mitt Romney. After a tie with Rick Santorum in Iowa, Romney wins big in his back yard, New Hampshire.

Note that both Iowa and New Hampshire are Obama states: New Hampshire went for Obama by 10 percentage points in November '08, and Iowa went for Obama by almost the same margin.

Reflecting a bit further back in recent history, you probably remember that the winner of Iowa's caucuses failed to win the GOP nomination in 2008, but New Hampshire was successful in launching McCain's failed bid for the White House.

I hope the folks in New Hampshire and Iowa have experienced some kind of enlightenment in the last four years.

More (potential) good news for bonny Prince Mitt: Five of the next six GOP contests will be in Obama territory. The next six elections will be in South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Maine, Colorado and Minnesota. Of those states, only South Carolina rejected Obama in the general election in 2008.

Even more good news for Romney: Three of the next six contests will be held in Romney states. Nevada, Maine and Minnesota all went for Mitt over McCain in 2008.

Yes, following in John McCain's footsteps, Mitt Romney appears to be the man whose turn it is.

Who can blame the Republican party for choosing Mitt? With the technocratic warmth of Mike Dukakis, the home field advantage of Al Gore, the aristocratic appeal of John Kerryand the progressive instincts of all of the above Mitt Romney is a no-brainer.

Yay, GOP!

Update: Insanity


  1. As blue as New Hampshire may be, you can still count on self-described conservatives to be pretty conservative no matter what state you may be in, so how did the self-described conservative Republicans vote in yesterday's primary?

    Romney won 42 percent of conservatives Tuesday with Paul finishing second among that segment of voters with 19 percent. Santorum got 15 percent of conservatives.

    All this carping against Romney as not being conservative enough is drawing mainly on his time as governor of Massachusetts, but just marvel at the accomplishment of a Republican getting elected governor in that state in the first place and marvel at the fact he was able to turn a deficit into a surplus with a legislature that was 87% Democrat.

    Romney is no hardcore ideologue, that's true, but that may be a good thing, because just as surely as Romney was able to work alongside the Democrats in Massachusetts, he'll have a much easier time finding common ground with the Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

  2. Mitt Romney & The L Word(s) Liberal, Liar and Liquidator.

    Meanwhile Newt Gingrich is going to release an attack ad against Mitt Romney titled “The King of Bain”. I decided to look up the dictionary definition of the closest spelling to Bain. Bane definition, a person or thing that causes misery or distress ( esp a bane in of one’s Life).


  3. It looks like the GOP general population (as in the average GOP supporter)is simply more independent and moderate than than those who are activists in the party.

    Mitt will get it, without my vote.

  4. There's nothing moderate about the size of our government or the national debt or the catastrophic problems that statists like Romney have created. But we call them moderates. Why?

  5. @You Know Who

    Complaints about Romney amount to more than mere "carping" about concerns over ideological purity. Americans of all stripes look with disgust at what has happened to their country over the past 5-10 years.

    And yet here we are watching the GOP apparently on the verge of nominating a candidate who would be a facsimile of his recent predecessors, and a dear friend to all those who brought us to this point. Is that what this country needs?

    You don't have to be a rock-ribbed conservative from Oklahoma to be worried about what the GOP is doing.


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