LIVE UPDATED Iowa Caucus Election Results

By the Left Coast Rebel

UPDATED 12:30 PST: Whoops, my bad, as per the title of this post, Drudge doesn't have Ron Paul leading in early voting, rather he is touting a Drudge Report poll that he's running. Oddly enough he has Herman Cain listed as a candidate in his poll.

I'm home today, working but following the Iowa caucus results. I'll update this post throughout the day as I find the time to and as I see something that catches my eye (especially as it pertains to my pick, Ron Paul). Iowa Caucus caucus member begin voting at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PST.

First off a totally unscientific Drudge poll has Ron Paul running away with it:

The Drudge Report is typically a good place to check out live election results. I would recommend checking out what Matt Drudge has up today.

The UK's Telegraph also has pretty good live coverage.

I found this Live Stream via Breitbart from the Iowa caucuses, click the image to watch the live streaming coverage today:

Updated 12:23 PST: Sean Hannity will have Rand Paul on his show today at 5:00 ET. Should be interesting.

Updated 12:32 PST: Did you know (via Daily Caller, Memeorandum) that Rick Santorum's 19-year-old nephew endorsed Ron Paul?:

It is not the government’s job to dictate to individuals how they must live. The Constitution was designed to protect individual liberty. My Uncle Rick cannot fathom a society in which people cooperate and work with each other freely. When Republicans were spending so much money under President Bush, my uncle was right there along with them as a senator. The reason we have so much debt is not only because of Democrats, but also because of big-spending republicans like my Uncle Rick.
True that.

Updated 12:55 PST: Stacy McCain at The Other McCain is on the ground in Iowa. He calls tonight's likely Perry showing as the final nail in the Texas governor's campaign coffin:
Of course, I suspect that Rick Perry’s campaign is behind this. And whether my suspicion is right or wrong, the Perry campaign is a lamentable joke here in Iowa. I’ve been talking to experienced Iowa Republicans during my travels the past week, and experienced observers are united in the opinion that Perry has wasted millions of dollars on a campaign that has done him more harm than good.
The campaign I dubbed “The Phantom Menace” in August has been an even more wretched disaster than I predicted. According to Nate Silver’s final pre-caucus poll analysis, Perry will be lucky to get 10 percent in the Hawkeye State. A fourth- or fifth-place finish here would, by the normal calculus of politics, cause Perry to quit. But if he did quit, his campaign advisers and consultants would be out of work, so they have convinced him to keep going. And even though they have apparently come to grips with the fact that they’re going to get their asses handed to them in Iowa tonight, they’re still flooding the airwaves with TV ads and pestering people with robocalls.
Read the rest and be sure to check in with Stacy McCain throughout the day but be warned, *gulp* -- he's a Santorum kind-of-guy.

Updated 2:05 PST: Why do young people love Ron Paul so much?

Updated 5:08 PST: Let the caucuses begin! Fox News is citing entrance polls (which are far less reliable than exit polls) that show that three suspected front runners are dominating inside the caucuses: Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

Updated 5:15 PST: CNN is calling it Ron Paul's sharpest anti-Romney ad yet. It hit the airwaves just a few hours ago and in my opinion is very effective.

Updated 5:20 PST: Fox News has live coverage at 8:30 PST here.

Updated 5:45 PST: Fox is calling it now (with 1% precincts in) at 26% Santorum, 23% Paul and 17% Romney.... Gingrich is right on Romney's tail with 16%!

Updated 5:55: Fox now has it at Paul 24%, Santorum 24% and Romney at 22%.

Updated 6:09: Right off the wires at Fox, 12% in, Paul leading at 24%, Romney at 23% and Santorum at 23%:

Updated 6:15 PST, 9:15 ET, this live coverage from CBS echoes the info above:

Updated 6:20 PST: CBS now show Santorum eeking out Romney and Paul just slightly at the front of the pack:

This thing's gonna be a nail-biter to the end. I'll be back when 25% or so of the precincts are in.

Updated 6:30: Good grief it's a three way tie at the top:

Thought: Isn't 20%+ just where "inevitable" Romney was in 2008, even after spending millions the last few years?

Updated 6:33 PST
: This guy on Twitter has it about right... from what I see this could hinge on 50 or so votes:

Updated 7:05 PST: Looks like Paul is now third with falacious "big government conservative" Rick Santorum and "Mr. Inevitable" Slick-Mitt Romney battling it for first and second, respectively:

I'll check in later when this thing is called.

Updated 8:00 PST: Sarah Palin defending Ron Paul?

Updated 8:49 PST: It looks like Romney and Santorum will duke it out 'til the end tonight for 1st place. Here's Ron Paul on his pretty-much-certain third place finish tonight:

Updated 9:47 Pacific (via RightKlik):

Popular vote for Romney 2008: 30,021
Popular vote for Romney 2012: 29,657 (99% reporting)

Updated 9:53 Pacific (via RightKlik):

Romney's blogger groupie doesn't get it (via Jacobson).


  1. Linked at SIGIS; I'm also doing all day coverage.

  2. I could have been happy if Romney didn't finish first. Looks like he might make it, tho.

  3. I agree, RK. It will come down to the wire though.

  4. The uncounted votes are in counties less friendly to Romney. Fingers crossed.

  5. Good showing for Ron Paul. Congratulations.

    At least two people are going to drop now. I won't be shocked if Gingrich is one of them.

    Santorum...well, not really viable unless he gets all of the support from the people who drop. Not sure if he can beat Obama. He's a bit immature. Good show though.


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