"Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye"

By Proof

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No. Seriously. We really hardly knew you! In case you haven't heard, the little known Jon Huntsman is dropping out of the Republican primaries. A man who generated so little excitement that members of his of own campaign sometimes misspelled his name, Huntsman leaves the race with a whimper and not a bang.

As Obama's ambassador to China, he gained foreign policy experience and the hint, that maybe his policies were closer to Obama's than one might hope for in a Republican candidate for the Presidency.

He speaks Chinese, and seems more than a little proud of the fact, dropping Chinese phrases into speeches or conversations, like some obscure Firefly reference, but lacking its charm.
He comes across as perhaps being educated, but not necessarily wise.

His campaign never really caught fire. His leaving the race will remove a distraction from the business of selecting our eventual nominee.

It is rumored that he will endorse Romney. Look for that endorsement to garner just as much excitement as the rest of his candidacy.

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  1. I find it more telling about those who "did not" notice Huntsman that anything the ideological far right wing of a declining conservative party may have to say about Huntsman.

    He at lest had principles, he lived by them, his record as Governor of Utah speaks for itself, and he would have made a netter president than either GWB or BHO. And, Ron Paul aside he sure as f'ing hell would be better than Newtie, Fine Hair Perry, Santorum of the Cloth, or Mittens.

    The only thing that bothers me about Huntsman is that he didn't endorsae tho only constitutional conservative and liberty minded individual in the ace, Ron Paul.


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