(FULL YouTube VIDEO) CNN South Carolina GOP Debate 1/19/12

By the Left Coast Rebel

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This video highlights Paul-specific moments from tonight's debate:

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  1. Newt's attack on John King was sweet.

  2. Are you kidding? Newt is such a hypocritical ass. Where was his 'moral indignation' about the media's interference in personal matters when he was dogging Bill Clinton? He loved the media then for any trash it could dig up. The only person of personal integrity on this stage is Ron Raul - and he's loopy (but at least honest).

  3. Ron Paul is honest for sure, but I'm not so sure general comments like describing him as "loopy" are useful for meaningful discourse. I can't seem to come up with any "loopy" positions from my perspective. But if I had a difference with him I would address it specifically.

    As to Newt, his attack on King was sweet only because King is a left wing tool of the Democrats. Having said that, how on earth could he have avoided addressing the issue? It's what most people don't like about them because they don't ask those kinds of questions often enough of lefties. At least not Democrat lefties. Republican lefties seem to be fair game.

  4. @VoiceOfReason

    Newt's a flawed man, but he made some good points. A lot of Americans are tired of the elite media's abusive bias and the Journolistas' unwavering allegiance to Barack Obama. It's disgusting, and anyone who dares to articulate that disgust will get a cheer from me.

    It's not just a question of personal vs. public matters, it's a question of unbalanced statist media activists who never stop attacking everyone who isn't a liberal democrat.

  5. Grant Davies: "Having said that, how on earth could he have avoided addressing the issue?"

    It's not just a matter of bringing the issue up, but the context of the question as well. King didn't have to try to turn the debate into the Jerry Springer show by staring into the camera and opening the debate with sex stories from the 90s. It could have come up later in the debate after the issues of immediate national importance had already been explored. (But of course that might have drawn more attention to Obama's failure). King also could have waited to allow one of the other candidates to bring up the issue.

    I think King and CNN wanted to start the debate with that issue so that it would color the rest of the debate. "Forget unemployment, the wars, the deficit, energy policy, Obama's scandals, etc. Let's get the candidates on the topic of sex."

    Fortunately, this kind of strategy is beginning to backfire as Americans become increasingly astute regarding shameful media bias and thinly veiled leftist activism.


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