Bamboozler-in-Chief Strikes Again!

By Proof

A remarkable piece of video I found over at Weasel Zippers:

Notice about twenty seconds in, he tells us that the military budget will slow, but will continue to grow. Why is it that when he is talking about slowing the rate of the general budget, but allowing it to grow, he speaks in terms of "spending cuts"?

To reduce our deficit, I've already signed nearly $1 trillion of spending cuts into law...

Which is it, Mr. President? A spending cut or merely slowing the rate of growth? Let me guess. "Spending cut" sounds better in an election year alongside "general budget" more than it does "military budget"?

Mr. President, you need more time to work on your golf game. I suggest we do something for you along those lines in November.

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  1. Speaking as a Classical Liberal, and I'm quite sure you are aware of what a classical liberal is Proof...

    Did Reagan cut spending? Or did he reduce the rate of growth?

    Be cautious in your response my good Proof.

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  3. Surely you are aware that the country is much deeper in debt than it was in the days of Reagan. We are desperately in need of genuine cuts in the federal budget. Pointing out Obama's bamboozling in a time of crisis is not hypocrisy. There were cuts that Reagan wanted to make that he could not get through Congress. There were also spending cuts that Congress promised that never materialized.

    Were the straits as dire during the time of Reagan as they are now, I would most certainly hold any politician accountable, irrespective of party, for bragging about budget cuts when no real cuts are made. But then, I'm a little older and wiser than I was then, too.

  4. @Rational Nation USA

    In the 80s we were fighting communists in the USSR, now we're fighting Marxists in the White House. Priorities for conservatives have changed accordingly.

  5. @ RightKlik - We've been fight somebody somewhere every since WW II. Our interests are projected all across the globe.

    Every indication is we'll be continuing down that path for the forseeablr future. And with the path comes the inherent dangers as this nation becomes less and less relevant admist the emerging economic powers of China, Brazil, India, Southesat Asia, et all.

    The worry about Marism is secondary. It is internal and it is not as egregious as the right likes to project it as being. Ideas that produce results in a big positive way wins the day. It is time conservatives start producing big positive things for the people when and if they return to "power."

    Just something to think about.


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