Mittens: Will He Become the Statist Republican Establishment 'Shoe In'?

by: Les Carpenter
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Mitt Romney - Republican Statist

(Public Policy Polling) - Romney leads Obama

For the first time in PPP's monthly national polling since July 2010 Mitt Romney's taken a lead, albeit a small one, over Barack Obama. He's up 47-45.

Romney has two main things going for him. He leads the President 45-36 with independents. And he's also benefiting from a much more unified party with 88% of Republicans committed to voting for him while only 83% of Democrats say they'll vote for Obama.

Our national survey confirms the wide electability gap between Romney and the rest of the Republican candidate field. Obama leads both Newt Gingrich (49-44) and Ron Paul (46-41) by 5 points, Michele Bachmann (50-41) by 9, and Rick Perry (50-40) by 10. It continues to look like if GOP voters really want to defeat Obama they pretty much have to nominate Romney. {Read More}

Principles matter. Or at least they should if one fancies themselves a leader.

Conservatives, especially republican conservatives salivate at the prospect of a Obama defeat in 2012. Which I suppose when considered in the narrow context of present realities would be a good thing.

It is appearing more likely Mittens Romney will be the republican nominee. Why? It is certainly not because he is the "best and truest conservative." Ron Paul is that man and wears the label with consistency.

Given his track record as the architect of "RomneyCare", and the model for "ObamaCare" it seems as Mittens is merely "Obama Lite." But when the ultimate goal is to "knockout" the incumbent at all cost only that goal becomes important.

So, once again conservatives and republicans will back away from the principles of limited constitutional government and liberty to support, endorse, and elect a candidate that in reality scoffs at the very principles they purport to hold near and dear. They will do so and because... "voting for the lesser of two evils" is somehow considered a virtue.

As Rand said many years ago, and I paraphrase here... 'When good compromises with evil, evil wins.' Statism being the evil in this case. And so it has been progressing for many a year.

Folks, I ask you, what does that tell us about the majority of the American public? What do they really want?

When the majority of the people will sacrifice the principles of limited constitutional government, and the liberties that go hand in hand with it the nation is in fact realizing the statism (socialism) that crept into our national body politic about one hundred and fifty years ago.

Like the uncontrolled locomotive it is picking up steam as we continue to look through our rose colored glasses.

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  1. It still looks like Mittens is the man to beat. With him in the White House we can look forward to 4-8 years of tricky gimmicks of the same variety he forced on the people of Massachusetts. Might as well move to Canada.

  2. And, replace him with whom? Or more aptly enunciated, with which flavor of statist cool aid?


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