Liberty and Integrity to Concepts... No Longer in America

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

The Statue of Liberty

The United States of America, a land built by pioneers, free and independent thinkers, men with vision and the understanding of what it means to be free.

The United States of America, a land where men of common principles and values, yet holding fiercely differing opinions as how to arrive at the "common good" found the integrity and strength to form a great nation.

The United States of America, a land whose founders understood that freedom is not free and that liberty, like a well kept\t garden must faithfully be attended to.

The United States of America, a land whose founders left a road map that would insure continued freedom and the individual liberties that brave men gave their lives for so that their own, as well as succeeding generations may be free.

The United States of America, a land whose people once understood the value of hard work and that expecting something for nothing was unethical, indeed immoral.

America, the once proud beacon of freedom, strength, integrity, ethical values, and tolerance for the divergent ideas of intelligent men whose purpose it was to further the greatness of a nation that was great because of the principles and values that were articulated during the Enlightenment. AKA, the Age of Classical Liberalism.

Today we have a nation whose populace sorely lacks in a basic understanding of the concepts of freedom and liberty.

The difference between the two parties in America today {democrat and republican)is but the difference between a blonde or a brown hair. Which is just another way of saying virtually none.

Today America is on the verge of foregoing its heritage and the legacy of its founding principles. The principles millions of young men have died for since the land we now occupy became the United States of America.

The United States of America will be going to the polls in November 2012. It is currently experiencing a painful period of circus watching as the republican party parades its field of candidates across the national stage.

A stage that will eventually pit the current President of these United States against the republican nominee for the same elective position.

For the individual with a sense of history, a understanding of what freedom and liberty mean, a active and free thinking mind, and a love of country and what American exceptionalism really means it is looking as though the choices will be bleak.

To spell it out... Red {republican} statism or blue {democratic} statism. Statism is statism. The only difference lies in the color {red or blue} and the flavor.

There is one candidate in the room who dares defy the statist mold of both the democrat and republican party. Rational Nation USA leaves it to each individual "free thinker" to grasp just who that might be.

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